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Over the years of running Budget Smart Girl, I’ve had lots of Canadian subscribers ask me about coupons and deals for them. Finally I have a site for you to check out. Here’s an interview with Theresa Bruce who runs CanadianFreeStuff…


Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-Tell us about you and your site?

Theresa Bruce (TB)-I first started out this free Canadianfreestuff back in 2000 as a hobby, and at that time loved getting free samples in the mail – Back in those days there were some fabulous free offers you could receive. My mailbox had something new and cool every week back in those days. Free T-shirts and other fabulous finds were hot back in those days. But the industry has changed so much – When it comes to getting Free Samples – It’s now being a Product Tester or Reviewer in order to get full sized free samples.


BSG-What gave you the initial idea to start a money saving site and when did you launch it?

TB-I started out Canadianfreestuff.com in order to help out other Canadians to save money – Free Samples and Coupons and free to enter contests. – Coupons were plentiful back in the day with huge savings like Buy 1 Get 1 Free on many everyday brands – but with the course of time, coupons are getting smaller for savings and now you have to do more legwork by either print coupons, or do a Mobile Rebate such as Checkout51 and Caddle.


BSG-How often do you update coupons and deals?

TB-We Blog approximately between 20-30 Money saving ideas every day of the week – a Mixture of Freebies, Mail-in Rebates, Coupons, Deals, and Contests.


BSG-Do you have a favorite money saving tip?

TB-My Favorite Money Saving Tip is to know your Prices. Example for me: Laundry is a good deal at 10 cents per load. This is my purchase price and I’m not “brand” specific. But if your brand specific and only, for example, buy Tide Free & Clean your best price might be $015 per load. To me, Points & Coupons are just “extra” savings. Now that I’m empty nester I don’t “coupon” much anymore. Now when I see my “Folgers” Coffee on sale for less than $6.99 I’ll simply purchase 3 of them, and patiently wait for another sales cycle to come along and purchase another 3.


BSG-Any other sites you recommend for the budget minded?

TB-Some other Great Canadian Budget Sites:




Be sure to check out Theresa’s site at www.canadianfreestuff.com


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