A Cheap Home Makeover

We’re one month into spring, days are longer, and sometimes it’s nice to give your home a makeover. Sometimes I’d love to do some remodeling but the cost is prohibitive. However, I have found some low cost (and sometimes free) ways you can give your house a spring makeover-

Clean Out the Clutter

Realtors say clutter is one of the reasons many homes don’t sale. If you’re selling your house, or just realize you have too much stuff sitting around the house, now’s the time to tackle it and maybe sell a few things online or even have a sale this summer. Just getting rid of a few odds and ends can make your house look that much neater and bigger too.

A Cheap Makeover

If I’m getting bored with a room but don’t have enough in the budget for a huge makeover one thing I always turn to is paint. Even top quality paint can be purchased for around $20 or less. You’d be surprised at just how great…and clean a room looks with a new coat of paint or even a different color added to its walls.

Move Them Around

I have to admit I get bored very easily and sometimes I sit in a room and start to think about ways I’d like to change it. Some of my ideas would break the bank, but an inexpensive way to make everything look new again is to rearrange stuff. Last year I decided to move the two couches in the living room around and put the side table on the other side of the room. Sometimes I move photos and bits and pieces from one table to another. And one way I’ve found that can really make a room look new is to move stuff from one room to another. Every time the clocks change in spring and fall take a few minutes to change things around. That way you can have a warm and cold weather look to your home.

Have a Swap Party

You’ve heard of people holding clothes swap parties, how about swap parties for things like vases, paintings etc. You might just find something you’ve been admiring in a friend’s house is something she really hates and wants to get rid of.


If you are thinking about selling your home one of the first things that greets a buyer is your yard. The idea is to make them think if they moved in they’d have very little work to do. So trim hedges and shrubs, cut out dead branches, and pull up the weeds. And one thing that can really be inviting to any visitor is a water feature. They used to cost a fortune but you can set one up on just about any budget these days.

Windows and Carpets

Two things that most people notice when they come to your house are the carpets and windows. It doesn’t take much to clean the windows and screens, and most supermarkets rent carpet-cleaning machines these days. And to make sure things don’t get dirty all over again, keep one pair of shoes just for wearing exclusively inside the house.

Consignment Stores

There are lots of consignment stores in the area where I live and one’s just for household items and furniture. Last year I took some items in there to consign and while I waited for the assistant to look them over I did some browsing. I was just amazed at all the great stuff people no longer wanted and everything was reasonably priced. If you’re looking to decorate a home quickly and cheaply these are the places to head.

Little Touches, Big Impact

I love candles sitting around the house. Some I use them for fragrance, some just for decoration. Grouped together or used singly they’re an inexpensive way to give any room a makeover. The folks at PartyLite recently sent me a set of their new Glolites to try and I have to say they look and smell good too. Currently I’m using them in my living room but I’m very tempted to light them when I indulge in one of my spa evenings. The thing I like best, price and that they last a long time for the money. Here’s some information about them-

GloLites are made in the United States. The outer wax is richly textured, and the glow is nuanced.  Each candle is individually hand-crafted, so slight variations in color and texture may occur and no two are exactly alike.  You will create the most drama by arranging these candles in odd numbers and in varied heights. They are slow burning and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy the magic for longer than a comparable sized standard pillar candle. They come in three sizes:

3”x4” (lasts 40-55 hours) – $12.95

3”x5” (lasts 60-75 hours) – $14.95

3”x6” (lasts 85-105 hours) – $16.95. 

 Each size is available in two light and fresh fragrances:

The white candles feature Sea Salt & Driftwood.™ The scent of salty air blends with watery notes and warm driftwood for a clean, calming fragrance, like a shower of sea spray, gently misting the coastal air.

The blue candles feature Calm Waters.™  This clean, cool citrus scent tempered by soft, floral nuances washes over you like a serene ocean breeze. 

 Purchase online at: www.partylite.com

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