Getting in Shape on the Cheap

Isn’t it ironic that most of us make a resolution to get in shape in the dead of winter and too cold to exercise outside? Maybe that’s one of the reasons memberships to health club soars in January. Paying to join a club or buying expensive exercise equipment isn’t the only way to get and stay in shape these days. I did some searching and here are some sites and resources I found.

Your Local Community
Where I live there’s everything from community education classes for Pilates to yoga. There’s also a community center that offers low cost classes and membership that’s half the price of a health club. And not to mention mall walking groups.

Ebay and auction sites
I’m guessing that if there isn’t a ton of them already on sale there now, most auction sites will be overflowing with exercise equipment by the time March rolls around. Why? Most people can’t stick to their resolution and end up selling it or throwing it in their basements. That’s brings up another tip, wait until spring and I’ll bet garage sales have some good buys too.

Going out of Business
Like I always say, it’s bad luck for a business when it closes its doors but always good luck for us. I’ve seen no end of fitness clubs going out of business since the recession started and sometimes they sell equipment. Not always things like treadmills, but small items like weights, mats etc. Cheap enough to make an investment…even if you don’t use them, and small enough to fit under the bed.

On Line Resources
I know it seems strange that your computer can be the best resource for cheap workouts but I found these sites. I haven’t given any a test drive so I can’t vouch for them and as always proceed with caution.

A Contest
I received this in my e-mail inbox yesterday and thought I’d share it with you. You can win a bike ready for the warm months ahead. www.organicvalley.coop/organic-rising/

Another thing that the recession has brought in our favor is that more businesses are willing to negotiate a price rather then lose a customer. If you have a health club membership and think it’s getting too costly, why not ask them if they can give you a better deal or even drop some services that you’re not using. And if you really feel joining a club is the only way you’re going to stick with your exercise plan, see if they can lower the cost or at least waiver the enrollment fee.

I rarely rave about something but my husband bought me a Wii for Christmas. I didn’t think something that was so fun could get you in shape but it can. I have the Wii Fitness Plus and love it. Okay, the whole thing isn’t cheap but it’s an investment, you never have to leave home, and you can add to it as your budget allows. It weighs you, gives you your BMI, sets goals for you and yes, even gently scolds you when you’ve missed a day or two! I’ve been impressed with my results. I’ve lost some weight, improved my balance and flexibility and had fun at the same time. And yes, it’s a real workout because yesterday muscles that I didn’t know I had were sore. And just today I read that Nintendo is teaming up with Netflix, so for $9 a month and a broadband connection, you’ll soon be able to watch movies on it. And with cable TV prices set to increase, this might be a good alternative.

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