Sensible Fashion Buys for Fall/Winter

admin / October 23, 2009

I’ve always been sensible when it comes time to stocking my wardrobe, nothing that’s too much of a fad that I can’t wear it for more than one season. However, I have had a few slips in sanity and ending up donating clothes after just a year after their purchase. Now I have five rules to keeping my clothing budget under control.

1.Stick with basics like pants, shirt, skirt in colors like black and brown.

2.Pick items you can mix and match that will take you from day to night. Maybe the white dress shirt and black pants you wear during the day can be paired with a fancy necklace or wrap for evening.

3.Shoes. Yes, I’ve had moments of insanity with these too. Pick ones that are comfortable. I use to go for price, thinking I could have more shoes, but now I’d rather pay more for one pair that are going to last longer and not cause me foot problems years from now.

4.If you need to go with a fad, make sure it’s a cheaper item like a scarf, necklace etc. and not something like a coat.

5.Look at what you already have. My husband often laughs at me because I still have some clothing from years gone by but it’s me who does the smiling when I see that particular fashion back in the stores.

If you’re looking for some trends for fall/winter, the folks at Kohl’s say the hot items this year are-

1. Plaids…yeepee, I still have some of those, see how some fashions recycle?

2. Cardigans…always have loved those, especially when the weather turns chilly.

3. Animal prints…okay, these are probably not something you want to buy a lot of. Stick with my rule number 4, buy a scarf or bracelet in animal print.

4. Anything with feminine details. Now that sounds like something that can last from year to year.

Thanks to the folks at Kohl’s for some photos of three buys I think are worth checking out this year.
Apt. 9 Crop Jacket

Candie's Plaid Pencil Skirt

LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Cardigan