Save Time and Money on Breakfast

It’s a new school year and what better time to rethink breakfast. Studies have shown that people who eat a good breakfast tend to weigh less, less likely to snack during the day, and children do better in school. Breakfast doesn’t have to cost a lot and it doesn’t take that long to prepare.
Here are some of my ideas for saving time and money on breakfast.

Think Ahead
Most of us are great about getting the lunch box ready the night before, but then forget about breakfast. Take some time the night before to get a head start. Most fast food restaurants sell breakfast muffins and biscuits. Okay, they won’t break the bank but why buy one when you can make it at home. Buy a package of English muffins or make up a batch of biscuits at the weekend. The night before scramble some eggs, cook some bacon or sausage and all you have to do the next day is assemble them. You can even wrap them and take them to work or school.

Sometimes I don’t feel like eating when I get up and I look for something light and easy to make. My first pick is a smoothie. One of my favorites is chocolate soy milk, a banana and some PB.

Who Said Dinner Can’t Be Breakfast?
Most of us think cereal and/or bacon and eggs when we hear the word breakfast. But a couple of things you can make the night before and reheat are pizza and quesadilla. Scrambled eggs, chopped bacon, sausage, even some chopped tomatoes and cheese.

Leftovers Are Good
And I’m always thinking of ways to use leftovers. I’ve made everything from burritos using leftover beans and pairing them with scrambled eggs. To leftover veggies added to an omelet.

Yes, my family laughs about my love of oatmeal, but it’s good for you, budget friendly and it’s easy to make. I buy the old fashioned oatmeal in canisters and microwave it…it doesn’t take more than 3-5 minutes and then add milk, and honey and sometimes dried fruits.

Breakfast on the Run
And if you are in a hurry to get out of the door, try an energy bar or even something like the Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters I got to sample last month. One thing I liked about them was they’re easy to add to a lunch box or for a breakfast on the go. Even if you can’t eat them in one shot, there’s no waste.

Recipes to Check out
And here are some sites I found with lots of breakfast recipes to check out-

www.breakfast-recipes.com. I’m definitely going to try some of these recipes. I think they’d make some great lunch and dinner meals too.

www.bbonline.com/recipe/casseroles-breakfast.html A site listing recipes submitted from Bed and Breakfast inns from around the country. A little bit more extravagant when it comes to time and money, but an ideal way to treat yourself to a leisurely Sunday brunch or even breakfast in bed.

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