The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Fourth of July

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spend the Fourth of July but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it, here are some Web sites I’ve found that should give you plenty of ideas.

Many local park and recreation departments put on firework displays for local residents, so be sure to check your local city or suburb’s Web site. Here’s one I found. Try typing in your city to see what pops up or try Chamber of Commerce or tourist board Web sites.


Throwing Your Own Party
If you’re thinking about throwing your own party this year, here’s a site I found that not only offers ideas, but also has virtual invitations you can send to your guests. Save money and some trees!

I know some people like to send greeting cards on just about every occasion and if you’ve shopped for cards recently you know some of them are now in the $4-5 price range. Here’s a site where you can send a virtual card for free.

Cheap Things to Do On The Fourth of July•Check your local area for free concerts
•Some local parks have rides and games for the children… and those young at heart. Phone your local city office to find out what’s planned in your area.
•Plan a potluck picnic to spread the cost of food with others. If you don’t want to host the party at your house rent a picnic shelter at the park, maybe the other party goers will share the rental cost with you.
•And for even more variety, have a progressive potluck party, where you start with appetizers at one person’s house, main course at another, and then dessert at yet another house. It’s a way of assuring the cleanup and cost isn’t down to just one person or family.
•Go hunting for seashells.
•Independence Day has many people thinking about their ancestors. Make a scrapbook with cuttings from the country they came from and any other information you have about them and pass it down to the next generation.
•It’s a holiday, just relax with a good book. It’s the ideal time to start reading before summer’s over.
•Visit an historical site and learn more about the history of America.

The Budget Smart Girl’s Tip
Many summer related items like patio furniture, swimwear, etc. go on sale after the Fourth of July, so be sure to check for upcoming bargain buys.

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