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The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Hair Color

I have this philosophy that if your hair looks and feels good, you feel good about everything else in your life. One thing that makes my hair feel good is getting it highlighted. My obsession with highlights all started when I was visiting a friend in LA, got my hair cut and the stylist suggested highlights. On the urging of my friend, I took the plunge and have been hooked ever since.
These days I’m paying a lot more for the highlights than I did back, oh, so many years ago. Having to pay more means that I want my color to last longer. As I’m sure other Budget Smart Girls face the same dilemma, I went searching for some expert advice. The good news is there are lots of tips and hints out there. In fact, so many that I’m dividing this guide into two parts.

Tips On Making Your Color Last Longer
The following tips are courtesy of Kenneth Darrell, you can check out his line of hair care products, especially the Chemcare Shampoo at www.kennethdarrell.com
1.Wash your hair in cold water. Think of your hair as a delicate fabric. You wouldn’t throw it in the hot water cycle…it would fade the color.
2.Shampoo your hair less frequently. Try to extent your shampooing to every third day or more if possible.
3.Use shampoo made for color treated hair. These shampoos are lower in sulfide, which are the lathering agent. Unfortunately, they also fade the color. Shampoo for color treated hair may not lather as much, but they will cleanse the hair just as well.
4.Confirm that you’re using the right color and color process for your hair type. Also, make sure that you leave your color on for the recommended time according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
5.Always shampoo twice when cleaning hair color from the hair. If there is residual color left in the hair, even a little bit, the peroxide used in many color processes can cause significant fading over the first few days.

Shampoos and Other Hair Care Products
Darrell says that these days most professional brand products are now available over the counter at the drug store or supermarket. He recommends a quality product made for color treated hair and likes brands such as Redken, Paul Mitchell and Sebastian.

And Isabella Mushiev, who is a senior colorist at the Anushka Spa and Salon www.anushkaspa.com, says “Most shampoos that are sold on the mass market contain detergents that will fade hair color quickly, especially reds. It’s best in invest in hair care products like Keratase that are not only detergent free, but specifically color safe and contain UV protection. This makes a big difference in preserving your color. She also recommends talking to your colorist about sealing your color with a glaze treatment. It only takes about five minutes and is inexpensive.

Your Coloring Schedule
And if you’re wondering how to get maximum benefits from highlights without breaking the bank, Shawn Butner, also a senior colorist with Anushka Spa and Salon has put together this helpful schedule-

Month One: Full head of highlights
Month Three: Face frame highlights
Month Five: Partial highlights
Month Eight: Face frame highlights
Month Ten: Partial highlights
Month Twelve Full head of highlights

“The difference in price between a full head of highlights and face frames or partials is substantial, and if you follow this routine, you will get the most mileage out of your color, save some money and of course, look gorgeous,” says Butner.

I’m going to try this schedule and will let you know how it works for me. And there will be more tips and product recommendations in the next Budget Smart Girl’s Guide.

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