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Why The Budget Smart Cook Loves Eggs

This Easter don’t just think about chocolate eggs because the real ones are one of the best deals for a budget savvy cook. I’m taking a guess that this coming week supermarkets are going to slash egg prices. So why not buy a box and start discovering all the great meals you can make with them.

Those Little Nutrition Powerhouses
On the nutrition scale, eggs are close to being a perfect ten. In fact, eggs just about have it all…protein, B vitamins…especially B12 and B2, vitamins A and D, iron, choline and phosphorus. And let’s not forget, they’re low in calories too.

They’re Not So Bad
It wasn’t that long again that everyone was nervous about eating eggs because of their high cholesterol content. Yes, they do contain cholesterol (the average size egg contains 210 mg). And yes, you should monitor your cholesterol intake. However, eggs are low in saturated fat, and as saturated fats are now believed to play a bigger role in raising our cholesterol levels, it means that for most of us, they’re perfectly okay to eat in moderation. (And moderation is considered one egg a day). However, if you really are worried or been told by your doctor to cut back on cholesterol, just eat the whites. The whites are cholesterol and fat free, but still contain lots of high quality protein.

They’re Easy on the Budget
Eggs are one of the best buys at the supermarket. And even organic or free-range eggs, which I prefer to buy, won’t break the bank. Both varieties are usually around $3.49 a dozen. And it’s a price I don’t mind paying because I can get several meals from that one carton. And as everyone likes them, they don’t go to waste either.
One way you can save even more money on eggs is to buy them at a warehouse store. Farmer’s markets and co-ops are also good places to buy them.

You Can Eat Them Anytime
Eggs are not only low-cost but they’re also great to eat at any meal.
There’s scrambled or poached eggs for breakfast. There’s curried egg salad sandwiches for lunch. You can even use the same mixture to fill a tomato, which makes a great dinner on a summer day when tomatoes are cheap too.
In fact, eggs make an inexpensive supper any time of the year. Just last week I wanted to get rid of some of some of the items in the fridge before I went shopping the next day. I had tortillas, pepper jack cheese and yes, eggs. I scrambled the eggs added the cheese until it melted, and then added a can of chile peppers. I put this mixture down the middle of each of the tortillas, and then topped it with black beans. I rolled them up and served them with salsa and sour cream.

Budget Smart Cook’s Tip
A quick and easy meal is a quiche. And don’t worry if you’re not a great cook, quiches don’t even need a pastry crust. When eggs are on sale why not make a few different quiches and freeze them. With the warmer weather just around the corner they make a quick supper that won’t heat up the kitchen. Defrost the quiche in the morning then in the evening add a tossed green salad and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat that you can put together in less than 10 minutes.

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