The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Stress Relieving Products

Looking for products to relieve stress at a Budget Smart Girl’s price isn’t always that easy. In fact, the price of some items is enough to send your stress level skyrocketing. However, as being a Budget Smart Girl is all about living the good life without breaking the bank, I went searching to see what I could find. I also sat down and thought about the inexpensive ways I relieve some of the stress in my life.

Web Site Resources
My search for sites relating to relaxation and stress relief mostly yielded ones selling products that sounded questionable at best, but I did stumble upon this one that I really liked.

A Soak in the Tub
After a day of sitting at the computer, I often wish we had a hot tub or Jacuzzi bath, but failing that one of my favorite and inexpensive ways to relax is to soak in the tub. You can add to the ambience by adding candles and listening to some of your favorite music. And if you’re looking for bath related products, some of the stores you might want to check out are Bath and Body Works, they have a great solution of products to help you relax, sleep, candles, aromatherapy oils. And I found this site, which seems to offer a whole bunch of good stuff at discount prices.

Relaxing Products That Won’t Break the Bank
One source of stress relieving products I turn to time and time again is Gaiam Living Yes, some of their products are pricey, but here are a few that fit into most budgets-
Acupressure Gift Set, contains an Acupressure Massage DVD, Music for Relaxation CD, wooden acupressure massage tool, and body map guide, all for just $20.
Chi Detox Set, They have the Detox Bath for $24, and Detox Patches, for $30. The patches are said to alleviate all the common stress related complaints, insomnia, headaches and muscle pain.
Body Therapy System for $20. The system contains a 30 minute instructional DVD, one 6” ball and two 3” balls that you place under your body to target and massage tight muscles.
Real-EASE Relaxation Tool for $40. It looks like a cradle for the back of your head and neck, but according to the catalog it offers the best muscle relaxation.
Another shop I visit for stress relieving products is The Body Shop. In fact, last year my husband gave me a Body Shop gift card for our anniversary and I decided to buy all stress relieving products for my office. I chose the aromatherapy diffuser that I plug into the socket by my desk. One of my favorite essential oils to use is lavender. I also bought their Beaded Foot Massage that I place under my desk and use each time I feel my muscles tightening up while I’m typing. For just $15 it’s worth its weight in gold!

I always find listening to music is a wonderful stress reliever. Sometimes it will be my favorite tunes that I can sing along too…yes, it might sound silly but singing really works as a tension buster. Or I’ll slip on my headphones, pop a relaxing, music only CD into the CD player, sit back on the couch, and close my eyes.
And if you’re not sure what type of music relaxes you the most, one of the best places to give CDs a test drive is the library. I’ve wasted too much money on CDs I didn’t like, so now I borrow them from the library and buy only the ones I know I’m going to listen to over and over again.

Don’t Get Cold Feet
One thing I hate is having cold feet…maybe that’s why lots of people don’t like winter. I think if you’re feet are warm and comfortable, it changes your outlook on even the biggest problems you have to face. Here’s a really inexpensive at home spa treatment for both hands and feet. Get some of your favorite hand cream or body lotion, put some in a plastic storage bag and microwave it for about 30 seconds. A word of warning here, check on the temperature before you plunge your feet or toes into it! Wrap your hands and feet in a towel you’ve placed in the dryer for about five minutes, and sit back and relax.

Yes, getting just 30 minutes of exercise each day can really chase away the stress. One inexpensive way to do this is to take a walk and leave your troubles at the door as you head out. Yoga is another stress buster. Lots of community education programs offer yoga classes. In my area it’s really reasonable, just $20 for six classes. Another alternative is to rent yoga DVDs from the library and give them a test drive.

The Budget Smart Girl’s Tip
For me, one of the best stress busters is to spend time with an animal. Next time you’re under stress, trying taking the dog for a walk. No dog of your own? No problem, head to the nearest animal shelter. Just being around an animal is believed to reduce our blood pressure. And you might even like to sign up as a volunteer to walk the dogs each week. The animals get to exercise with a friend and you reduce your stress.

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