Why is Good Quality Bread So Expensive?

I’ll admit it. I couldn’t go a day without at least once slice of bread. I used to think only artisan bread was expensive but these days it seems (at least where I live), prices of all types of bread have been rising…no pun intended.

I’ve been buying bread from a discount supermarket and while it’s okay, it’s not that great and a couple of loaves have been shall I say, stale tasting.

Over the holidays I got spoiled because the high end supermarket in town sold their artisan bread for 50% off and I got hooked.

How come this bread is so pricey I asked myself, after all it’s just flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water?

I think the actual labor part of making the bread is what pushes the price up and with that in mind I made a resolution to start making my own.

I have a bread machine which I love but I decided to make everything from hand. I’ve got three recipes and I’m testing to see which one is the easiest and produces the best tasting bread. I tried one batch the other day and once I’ve tried the others and have my results I’ll share them with you.

One thing I have found is a great shortcut is my food dehydrator because it’s perfect for helping the bread to rise and even has a setting just for that purpose.

I’d love to hear if you make your own bread. Any tips or shortcuts you’d like to share? Do you use regular flour or bread flour?

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