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    It’s Meatless Monday-Roasted Root Vegetable and Lentil Salad

     Salads don’t always have to be about lettuce and this one combines slow roasted root vegetables and lentils. I admit I’m a fan of any type of lentil and use them in just about any type of recipe. One thing I hate doing is cooking them. I grew tired of babysitting them while they simmered on the stove and then have them stick to the bottom of the pan and turn into lentil mash. One day I thought why not try cooking them in the oven like I do when I make rice. The amount for this recipe is actually more than you need but they freeze well, and yes,…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Tofu Taco Bites

    Ever since I made the Crispy Tofu Nuggets from the Vegan for Fun cookbook by Attila Hildmann I’ve been experimenting with different coatings to see what I can come up with. My latest combination, and I think the best so far, is this taco coating mix. By adding more or less spices you can vary the heat level. The coating makes more than you actually need but don’t throw it away because you’ll need it for the quick and budget friendly recipe I’ll be posting later this week. If you’ve not cooked with tofu before here’s a reminder about how to make it more ‘workable’ especially in a recipe like…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

    I’m always looking for ways to turn meat centric recipes into vegetarian ones and my next challenge was the Scotch egg. A childhood favorite of mine, and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s a simple recipe of a hardboiled egg encased in sausagemeat. It’s then rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. I’ll admit I had lots of challenges with this one but I’m glad I didn’t give up because it’s a tasty dish that I think rivals its meat counterpart. My first problem was what to use in place of the sausagemeat. It would need to be something that could be wrapped around the egg and something with a…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Cajun Hashed Potatoes with Baked Eggs

    A hectic week because I’m putting the final touches to the cookbook so I thought I’d share another recipe from it with you. It’s perfect when you’re short on time, plus, sweet potatoes are on sale now. Ingredients 1 large white potato, peeled and shredded 1 large sweet potato, peeled and shredded 1 large onion, finely chopped Salt and pepper 1 teaspoon Cajun spice mix 4 eggs 4 tablespoons of oil Method Preheat oven to 375 Put the while potatoes in a sieve over a bowl and sprinkling with salt to draw out some moisture. Meanwhile heat the oil in a large roasting pan. Drain the potatoes and squeeze out…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Fiesta Eggs

    This one could be a breakfast, lunch or a quick, light supper. Pantry staple items, ten minutes of your time and you have a meal. Serve this with hash browns or cubed pan-roasted potatoes, more salsa and some sour cream. 1 15 ounce can chili beans, drain slightly 4 pieces of bread, toasted 1/3 cup salsa 1/3 cup shredded cheese 4 eggs   Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray four ramekin dishes with non-stick cooking spray and place on a baking sheet. Break up pieces of toasted bread and place at the bottom of each ramekin dish. Spoon the chili beans on the toast. Break on top of the beans. Spoon…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Crispy Burritos

    Sometimes I’m almost ashamed to call some things I make, actual recipes, and this one is no exception. It uses leftover items and is put together in about 15 minutes. I like to put a different spin on things and for this one I used phyllo dough instead of tortillas. I used pinto beans for this one but just about any bean will do. I’ve sometimes used  leftover refried beans too. Pair it with a side salad, guacamole and sour cream and it’s one of the easiest suppers to pull together at a moment’s notice. 1 cup cooked brown rice 1 15 ounce can pinto beans, drained and rinsed ½ cup salsa 1 cup…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Smoky Black Bean Nachos

    One item that’s a staple in my pantry is black beans. I think they have a better consistency and taste than lots of other varieties which makes them perfect for vegetarian recipes. In this Meatless Monday meal I’ve used them as a topping, along with a cheese sauce to make nachos. The smoky flavor comes from a combination of three things, liquid smoke, chipotle pepper, and smoked paprika, all three of which can be found at most grocery stores or online. About 6-7 ounces of tortilla chips or strips (About half a 13 ounce package) 2 14 ounce cans black beans, drained and rinsed 1 14 ounce can stewed tomatoes,…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Vegetable Pastry Purses

    Here’s the second of the guest recipes from the folks at Holland House. When I tried this recipe I had enough filling for 2 dozen of the purses using 2 sheets of the puff pastry. They’re tasty and I think would make great appetizers too. My tip this week is for mushrooms. When you get them home from the store and if you’re not going to use them straight away take them out of their original packaging and store them in the fridge in a paper bag. They keep fresher longer and have less of a tendency to get them sometimes ‘slimy’ look to them.   PREP TIME: 20 minutes SERVINGS:…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Sausage and Mushroom Pie with Carmelized Onion Gravy

    I have to admit I have a weakness for some of the fake meat products. Not all of them, but a few are always stored in my freezer. On top of that list are the Veggie Sausage Links from Morningstar Farm. They taste as close to the real thing as you can get and are often on sale which is when I stock up. Over the holidays I’d bought some puff pastry that was on sale and thought about what I could make with these two items. After looking through my supplies I found a box of mushrooms and some onions. So I came up with this recipe. It’s really…

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