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    Don’t Dread Black Friday

    Black Friday is just one week away! If Thanksgiving is the day your diet goes out the window, Black Friday can be the time when your budget goes the same way. While it’s one of the best times of the year to pick up a bargain or two, getting prepared, doing research, making a list, and checking it twice, can save you a lot of post Black Friday regrets and a shrinking bank balance. Here are five tips to help you make it through the day with your best buys in hand and your budget still in pristine shape- Plan Today Use this Friday to do all your planning. What…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 11-What Makes You Break Your Budget?

    How did you do with yesterday’s challenge? Did you figure out what triggers you to break your budget? A few years ago, I realized e-mails from certain companies always tempted me to make a purchase. They always convinced me it was something I really needed at this very point in my life. Many of us are entrepreneurs ourselves who need mailing lists so I’m in no way saying what they’re doing is wrong. We all need to persuade and sell things but be aware of how many you receive per day and how often you’re buying things. And be aware it could be items and services you wouldn’t have gone…

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    Money Mindset Makeover-Day Three-Net Worth

    It’s day three of the Money Mindset Makeover and today we’re going to focus on net worth and our assets and liabilities. One of the questions on yesterday’s quiz was about this topic. Not everyone can tell you the dollar amount in each of the above categories but it’s essential information. You might think you have more assets than you actually do or you weren’t aware (when you added up all the credit card balances), just how much you really owed. Today, sit down and either on pen and paper or a computer, make two columns. One you’ll mark assets under which you’ll make a list of everything you owe…

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