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    March-Best Buys-Frozen Food Month, Fish and more

    It’s March and that means spring is around the corner… How did you do with our February Challenge? Did you find some bargains? Did you find it hard to buy only things on sale? I have to say, it was a challenge for some things that I needed to buy. One or two were business related so I needed them and didn’t think they were the sort of thing to go on sale, so I bought them. A new month, means a new opportunity to save. In March, look for frozen items because it’s Frozen Food Month. This is a great time to stock up on frozen pantry staples, like…

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    Money Saving Tip-Thanksgiving

    This week, it’s a money saving tip of a different sort. I saw this on MarketWatch and thought I’d share the link with you. Companies like Walmart and Aldi and more are rolling back prices or running promotions on Thanksgiving items. I’m sure other companies will follow this trend too. If your budget allows, why not stock up on a few items…great for pantry building, before the prices go up again. Canned foods are great to have on hand, think cans of pumpkin, mushroom soup, and evaporated milk. If you want to check out the whole article, here’s the link https://www.marketwatch.com/story/thanksgiving-deals-bag-free-turkeys-or-cheap-trimmings-from-aldi-bjs-shoprite-and-more-11667400099

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    Money Saving Tip-Don’t Throw Them Away

    Do you use coupons? If the answer is no then you’re literally throwing money away. Years ago you had to search through newspapers, magazines, and flyers to find coupons but now you can find them online and through doing a Google search. Type in what you want to buy and add the word ‘coupon’ and sometimes you’ll find some great deals on everything from clothing to furniture. And, of course, don’t overlook printed press because supermarkets and drugstores still provide plenty of print coupons too.

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    Money Saving Tip-Eat in Abundance

    Each month, check out what’s in abundance and plan meals around it. For example, this month, I’m seeing lots of berries, tomatoes, and cucumbers on sale. Another tip is to buy extra and preserve them for times when these items aren’t plentiful and therefore will cost more.

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    Cutting Down on Ready Made Foods

    March means St. Patrick’s Day which always makes me think of my grandmother who was from County Cork. I’ve been paging through cookbooks figuring out what I’m going to make this St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate my Irish heritage. I’ve found recipes for dishes like colcannon and Irish soda bread. Aside from trying to recreate the foods my grandma grew up eating, I’ve been thinking about the approach her generation took toward preparing a meal.  Nothing came prepackaged and they shopped for fresh local produce every day. Besides being healthier, my grandmother’s generation probably saved a whole bunch of money too. It seems supermarkets aren’t just about food any more but…

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    Soup, a Great Budget Meal

    I can’t think of a better comfort food than a bowl of homemade soup. It also makes a great bargain meal for many reasons- Low Cost Ingredients Most items you use to make soup aren’t that expensive…vegetables and cheaper cuts of meat that usually tenderize during this slow cooking process. A Hearty Meal in a Bowl Thicker soups like split pea or chili contain lots of fiber that fill you up quickly. Soups containing dairy products add a satisfying richness that tricks us into thinking we’ve eaten an elaborate meal. Meal In Itself Serve a soup containing a protein and some vegetables, add some great crusty bread, and you’ve got yourself one…

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    Bargain Foods…that are good for you too

    With food prices set to go up this year…I think I saw some evidence of this at the grocery store the other day, it’s time to start thinking about foods that give you the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some of my favorites- Canned Salmon When fresh salmon goes on sale I buy it in bulk and freeze it, when it’s back to normal prices I opt for the canned variety. Pink salmon is a bargain, even red salmon isn’t that expensive. In the summer I use it on salads, in sandwiches, pair it with sliced cucumbers and it’s one of the best combinations. I sometimes use it with…

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    Tips on Winning The Grocery Challenge

    For those of you who missed my blog the other week, All You magazine is holding its second annual Grocery Challenge contest. There will be ten finalists and the winner will get a $1,000 grocery card and will also be featured in the magazine. The challenge is to spend $25 or less per family member per week on groceries during a four week period. The contest runs from June 20 to July 17th. Go to www.allyou.com/grocerychallenge to sign up. Beginning June 18th the magazine will send you a newsletter featuring tips for saving money and also recipes. I’d love to see a Budget Smart Girl reader win this so to…

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    Cooking Shortcuts

    I ask myself the same question every week, how can it be Friday already? If you’re on a budget and/or hate relying on convenience foods, you have to think of cooking shortcuts, ways to prepare meals and sneaky little tricks that can get you in and out of the kitchen when time’s not your friend. Here are some tips I’ve found to help me make it through the week- Prepare Ahead of Time I’ve recently gotten into the habit of preparing vegetables and salads on the weekends. Most of the recipes I use call for onions, carrots and celery. Now I chop and slice extra, put them in zip lock…

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