• Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Shift Your Energy

    Sometimes things are out of our control. People’s attitudes and bias, the people that tell us it can’t be done. I’ve found rather than waste my energy on trying to change them, I’ve gone ahead and put my focus into living my dream. It’s your life, your energy, your dream, use it wisely.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Take Action

    It’s not the right time. I’ll do it next year. I don’t have enough talent to start a business. I’ve never been good with money. You’re not alone if negative thoughts like these run through your head. The difference between success and failure is not listening to them. Overcoming negativity and putting a positive spin on your situation. This week think about what self doubts you’re going to say goodbye to.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Some Tuesday Motivation

    Yesterday was a holiday and I skipped posting a motivational quote for the week. As I don’t have time to write a post today, I thought I’d post a quote instead.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-What Counts is Going Forward

    Lots of time we tell ourselves, if only I’d done this or that. If only I chosen a different path or a different career. Everyone has their if only I’d stories. Successful people don’t let these stories hold them back or determine their future. Know that the past is history and remind yourself tomorrow is a new day. The chance to start all over again and set yourself on the right path to whatever your heart desires.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Learn From Past Mistakes

    We all make mistakes in life, in business, but successful people use them as a learning tool. Don’t let past mistakes hold you back or prevent you from trying again. Tell yourself you’ll succeed this time around.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Stay Focused

    This week figure out what distracts you from staying focused on gaining financial independence and living your dream life. Is it something external like spending too much time on social media rather than focusing on getting a business started? Or does it come from within, that little voice that tells you, you’re can’t do this. Tell all these distractions to be on their way.

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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation-Only You Can Do It

    There’s only one person that stands in the way of your achieving your dreams, and that’s you. This week, each morning when you first wake up, say this affirmation. Whatever goal or dream you’re chasing, you can do it!

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