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    Money Challenge-Day Seven-Stock and Broth

    It’s the end of the first week of the challenge. How are things going so far? We’ll conclude this first week with yet another challenge that’s about using up everything we buy. We’re going to make stock and bone broth. Don’t throw away vegetable peelings, chicken bones, beef bones, instead turn them into stock and broth that you can use throughout the week in things like soups, gravy, stews and chilis. They’re a whole lot better for you than the processed kind. ‘See’ you again tomorrow.

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    Money Challenge-Day Six-Compost

    Today’s challenge is about putting even more leftovers to good use. This time it’s your garden that can benefit. Do you have a compost bin yet? If not, think about buying or making one this spring? Compost is great for spreading around plants, especially vegetables that you’re growing yourself. The Internet has great sources on how to compost including what to add and what to leave out. Think of all the money you’ll save on fertilizer this year. ‘See’ you again tomorrow.

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    Money Challenge-Day Four-Non-Food Leftovers

    Yesterday our challenge focused on food leftovers so today we’ll turn our attention to non-food leftovers. Empty jars, clothes that have seen better days, inner rolls of paper towels etc. Be of the mindset that everything can have a second life. Today take something that you’d usually just throw away and see what you can do with it. Maybe it’s something that you can use for storage and hence you’ll save money because you don’t have to buy storage jars. It could even be something you’ll make into a craft that you’ll one day sell for extra income. Today is your chance to think outside the box. ‘See’ you again…

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    Money Challenge-Day Three-Leftovers

    It’s day three and this challenge focuses on leftovers. Love or hate them, they’re a way to stretch your dollar and make food you’ve already bought or made go farther. Your task today is to look in your fridge and see what’s sitting in there. Anything leftover from last night’s dinner or the dinner of two nights ago? Today create a meal using any leftovers you have. ‘See’ you again tomorrow.

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    A Cup of This and A Slice of That…

    Have a cup of mashed potatoes, half cup of green beans, a slice of turkey… Looks like you’ve got the makings of your own TV dinner. Some people love leftovers while some hate them. Seeing the same meal or even the same ingredients more than once can send some running. One way around it, (and also to save money), is to take leftovers and come up with your own version of the infamous TV dinner. While the store bought ones are most likely full of preservatives, too much sodium etc. yours will be healthy and have items you love. First step is to buy some of the meal prepping containers.…

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    Homemade TV Dinners

    I’ve had lots of requests to bring back posts with money saving tips and as everyone’s talking about rising food prices, I thought we’d make that the focus of this one. I’ve always hated wasting food. One way I use dinner leftovers is to eat them for lunch the following day. That’s one tip, but sometimes seeing the same food from one day to the next, makes it seems like your sacrificing something. Feel that way too often and it’s the quickest route to straying off your budget. Last year, I came up with something new and it’s to make your own homemade TV dinners. Not only are you using…

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    Food Resolutions for the Budget Savvy

    Food resolutions don’t always have to be about dieting. Finding ways to trim your grocery bill in 2009 is definitely something to think about this week. Here are some things I’ve already been doing for the last six months or so. Buy Less Brand Name Foods My groceries now consist of at least 50% of supermarket brands and I’d say I save between 25 cents to a $1 per item. It doesn’t seem like a lot but I’ve been buying supermarket brand name cereals, canned vegetables, peanut butter, milk and eggs, and these small amounts add up when I reach the checkout. And with the money I save, I’m able…

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    Leftovers…they’re not so bad after all

    I might be in the minority here, but I love leftovers. I love the challenge of finding ways to use remnants from previous meals to create new ones. And for me, leftovers are almost like eating a free meal. And with food prices on the rise, who could ask for more. Vegetables How many times have you checked your refrigerator and found a cup of green beans in one dish, maybe carrots in another? When I find leftover vegetables on the shelf, the first thing that comes to mind is soup. Some of the best testing soups I’ve ever made started out as a bowl of leftover veggies. Minestrone, cheese…

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