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    How A Food Makeover Can Save You Money

    Most people think that eating healthful foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle costs a ton of money, but it can actually save you money. First of all, you’re less likely to get sick, which cuts down on the price of health care and lost wages when you have to call in sick at work. And secondly, if you fill your grocery cart with junk food, your grocery budget starts to fill the pinch. Here are my easy steps to getting a food makeover Learn to Read Nutrition Labels An easy way to eat nutritious foods and save money is to learn how to read food labels. Learn what’s really low…

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    The Budget Smart Cook Has a Nutritional Make Over

    If you made a New Year’s resolution to eat more healthful foods but have fallen by the wayside, here’s your second chance. March is National Nutrition month, and it’s a great time to start evaluating what’s sitting in your fridge or pantry. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Check out this Web site, www.5aday.com. Five servings of fruit and vegetables a day is the recommended amount, and it’s not that difficult to squeeze them in. I try to eat at least one at each meal, including snacks. For example, I’ll eat fruit on cereal or waffles for breakfast, an apple or orange for a mid morning or afternoon snack. A salad…

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