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    Money Saving Tip-Meal Plans

    Don’t have a plan? Sometimes that can cost you money. Begin each week or grocery tip with planning what you’ll eat for the next 7 days. You’ll prevent overbuying and throwing random things into your cart and you can even plan future meals by using leftovers and similar ingredients. For example, use half a chicken for one meal, and the other half for another. Use leftover lemons to make homemade lemonade.

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    Money Saving Tip-Eat in Abundance

    Each month, check out what’s in abundance and plan meals around it. For example, this month, I’m seeing lots of berries, tomatoes, and cucumbers on sale. Another tip is to buy extra and preserve them for times when these items aren’t plentiful and therefore will cost more.

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    Can’t Find It or Can’t Afford It?

      Empty grocery shelves, rising prices… Just two problems we’re facing just about everywhere in the world. Savvy savers have always found ways around high prices and here are some tips- Don’t Be Loyal I know lots of people who will only buy one brand and if it goes up in price they’ll still buy it or if the store runs out, no way will they switch to another brand.  Savvy shoppers aren’t loyal to one brand. If brand A goes up in price, they won’t hesitate to switch to Brand B. The same goes for stores. Don’t be loyal if prices start to go up. Shop elsewhere. Know How…

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    Ways to Save with Amazon

    Before I begin, a full disclosure, I recently signed up to be an Amazon associate which means I can earn affiliate fees if anyone clicks on or makes a purchase through one of the links I’m providing in this post… and actually that’s my first tip for saving and making money on Amazon is to become one of their associates. Coupons I never thought I’d find coupons on Amazon but yes, they have them and here’s a link (no, this isn’t one of the affiliate links). You can use them for lots of stuff and another way to shave off some money from your order. https://www.amazon.com/Coupons     Prime Member and…

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