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    Budget Minded Gift Ideas

    Have you done all your holiday shopping yet? If you’re still looking, I’ve put together some ideas for you. These first ideas are items I found online and thought they were good buys, and a couple of them would be perfect for keeping a budget on track…yes, you could even pick up one for yourself too- Money Budget Binder I know everyone’s going to digital products but sometimes I like having a physical budget planner and I found this one on Etsy- https://www.etsy.com/listing/1355086439/a6-leather-notebook-binder-money-binder? 10K Money Saving Kit While I was on Etsy, I saw this money saving kit that can help you get to $10,000, great for that rainy day…

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    Making Money with Art and Design

    Love to design or paint? Have a great idea for a t-shirt design? During our Money Mindset Makeover Challenge, we briefly touched upon one way to make money and that’s with using your art and design skills. Lots of people are doing it. And making a statement like that often makes we cautious about recommending it as a way for you to earn some extra cash or even turn it into a main stream of income. Let’s look at the pros and cons and then dig deeper into how you can get stand out from the crowd. Pros Most art and design sites are now print on demand so you…

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    Selling On Etsy

    Have you thought about selling on Etsy? I now have four stores open on Etsy and thought I’d share my experience with you. I have to admit, I haven’t made that much money, and only one of the three stores has actually made money. I have one called Artey Crafety that sells digital planners. Budget Smart Girl, the newest one that ties in with this site. Poppins Jewelry that offers my upcycled jewelry I make as a hobby. And finally, Poppins Vintage, offers vintage jewelry, complete pieces that I find while I’m scouting for jewelry to upcycle. The first two are completely digital, no physical products at all. Both jewelry…

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    Opening an Online Store

    Thinking about opening an online store? The great thing about the Internet is it not only makes buying more convenient, it makes selling items a breeze. Years ago, if you wanted to open a store you had to find a brick and mortar building to lease or buy, and then remodel, stock it…yeah, a pain in the you know what. Now with the click of a mouse, you can open your store for not only local people to visit, but the world too. I’m making it all sound, easy, wonderful, yes, rose colored glasses sort of thing, but this ease actually becomes it’s downside. Yes, everyone in the world can…

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    Two New Planners for the Entrepreneur

    I have two new planners I created with the budding or established entrepreneur in mind. One is a blog planner and the other a goal planner. The print versions are available at Amazon and cost $5.99 each. The digital versions are on my Etsy store and are $4.99 each but I’m running a Thanksgiving sale with 20% off which makes them $3.99. Here are the links to both sites. I got my print copies of these two planners and have to say I’m pleased with the product and I’ll be putting them to good use in 2020. If you’ve signed up for the free mini-retreat, ‘see’ you on Monday. Have…

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    Learn a New Skill or Hobby This Fall

    I can’t believe it’s almost Labor Day. Although a few nights of chilly weather has made me think about fall and winter and what I’m going to do when the gardening season is over. For me, it’s the perfect time to learn a new skill. Firstly, you can learn to do something that could save you money at a later date. And two, you could make something and turn your hobby into another stream of income. Having said that, you don’t want to invest a ton of time and money into pursuing something you hate…and okay, find out you’re hopeless at it. So here are some sites I’ve found offering…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Selling and Buying on sites…other than eBay

    I know eBay is supposed to be the best venue for selling and buying items online, but I’ve not had much luck as a seller there. A few years ago I decided to buy a few items from eBay and was pleased with the price I paid and the quality of merchandise. Thinking I’d now like to be a seller there, this past summer, I decided to sell some clothes and shoes on their site. Some items were new, so I thought I’d at least get a few bids. And taking the advice of others who’d sold stuff there, I started the bidding low. I was disappointed that not one…

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    The Budget Smart Girl Guide to One Way To Make Money

    Etsy and a Chat with Rachael Ward If you read my Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts, you might remember I mentioned an online community called Etsy www.etsy.com. It just so happened that after I wrote that piece I was working on another article, this one was about cosmetics. When I went looking for people to feature I was contacted by Rachael Ward, who by coincidence sells her line of cosmetics on Etsy. As I planned to write about places that Budget Smart Girls can sell homemade items, and Etsy being one of them, I asked Rachael if she’d like to share her experience, what it’s like…

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