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    Asian-style Grilled Fish Tacos

    The folks at NAKANO sent me this recipe to pass along to you. I think it’s perfect for a hot summer day. Makes: 8 Tacos   Ingredients: Dressing: 3 tablespoons NAKANO Natural Rice Vinegar 2 tablespoons low-sodium tamari or soy sauce 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon dark sesame oil Slaw: 3 cups shredded cabbage (purple and/or Napa) 1 cup shredded carrot (3 carrots) 1/4 cup chopped green onions (3 green onions) 1/4 cup thinly sliced radish (2 radishes) 1/4 cup chopped cilantro Tacos: 8 corn tortillas, warmed 3/4 pound (12 ounces) white fish, grilled 1 avocado, sliced   Directions: In a large bowl, whisk NAKANO Rice Vinegar, tamari, honey and sesame…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Fiesta Eggs

    This one could be a breakfast, lunch or a quick, light supper. Pantry staple items, ten minutes of your time and you have a meal. Serve this with hash browns or cubed pan-roasted potatoes, more salsa and some sour cream. 1 15 ounce can chili beans, drain slightly 4 pieces of bread, toasted 1/3 cup salsa 1/3 cup shredded cheese 4 eggs   Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray four ramekin dishes with non-stick cooking spray and place on a baking sheet. Break up pieces of toasted bread and place at the bottom of each ramekin dish. Spoon the chili beans on the toast. Break on top of the beans. Spoon…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Cranberry-Orange Kale Salad

    Kale always seems to be on sale, but the price per bunch dips even lower around this time of the year. It’s a superfood too which makes it a nutritional powerhouse. However, two things I’ve found are, one; it can often be bitter. Two, it gives your mouth a workout because of the chewiness of this veggie. I’ve found a couple of ways to overcome these problems. One is to cook it before I add it to things like soups. And the second way, which I used in this week’s Meatless Monday recipe, is to add some salt (for want of a better word), and then massage it. It turns…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Crispy Burritos

    Sometimes I’m almost ashamed to call some things I make, actual recipes, and this one is no exception. It uses leftover items and is put together in about 15 minutes. I like to put a different spin on things and for this one I used phyllo dough instead of tortillas. I used pinto beans for this one but just about any bean will do. I’ve sometimes used  leftover refried beans too. Pair it with a side salad, guacamole and sour cream and it’s one of the easiest suppers to pull together at a moment’s notice. 1 cup cooked brown rice 1 15 ounce can pinto beans, drained and rinsed ½ cup salsa 1 cup…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Speedy Mediterranean Salad

    When the weather’s hot the last thing you want to do is spend extra time in the kitchen. Pasta salads often come to my rescue. One tip to save time is to make a big batch of pasta and keep it in the fridge for week long dining. For this recipe I used penne, and I’d also cooked some elbow marconi and combined the two. Last week, Roma tomatoes were on sale for 99 cents a pound and as soon as I saw them I knew exactly how I’d use them. Slow roasted in the oven with salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil. After that it’s just finding a recipe…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Edamame Noodle Bowl

    One of my favorite snacks is edamames. They use to be hard to find, but now most supermarkets sell packages of already prepared ones that you simply steam in your microwave. With their broader availability in mind, I thought why not make a simple meal out of them. I came up with this noodle bowl. You can add just about any vegetable you like, but I chose carrots for their sweetness…brought out more by the slow sautéing, to contrast with the salty tang of the soy sauce. Add some peanut butter for added flavor and you have the perfect lunch or light supper for this Meatless Monday. 8 ounces noodles…I…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Potato, Leek and ‘Bacon’ Pizza

    I’ve been experimenting with making my own pizza crusts for my cookbook and had one leftover so thought I’d rummage through the fridge to find some toppings. I had lots of potatoes, some cream cheese, and one of my favorite veggies, leeks. If you ever get tired of onions in a recipe, opt for leeks. They have a distinct but subtle flavor that pairs beautifully with potatoes and yes, anything with a smoky flavor. I thought about adding smoked paprika but then opted to use some of the bacon bits I had on hand…remember the container I purchased a while back? Combine all of them together and I think you…

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