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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge Day 5-Do You Really Need It?

    Do you really need it? That’s the question we’re asking ourselves on day 5 of our month long challenge. We’ve looked at net worth, assets and liabilities. We also looked at monthly income and what’s being spent each month. Just doing these things can be either a surprise or a shock. Either way we all have things on our items on things I spend money on list that can be overhauled or better yet, eliminated. Look through the list and be brutally honest with yourself. Are there some things or services that can be cut? Cable TV…how many channels do you actually watch? Gym memberships…when was the last time you…

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    Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 4-Income and Expenses

    Yesterday we focused on net worth and today we’re going to break down income and expenses on a monthly basis. Income Under the first column, write down all your income for the month It could be money from your job, side gig, interest earned, rental income… Next, focus on expenses. Write down what you pay out each month It could be mortgage, insurance, car payment, utility bills, gas for the car, groceries. Don’t overlook anything. You might also have yearly fees for things like membership sites so take that amount and divide it by 12. Total up each column. Is there a negative number or a plus? I know lots…

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    Money Mindset Makeover-Day Three-Net Worth

    It’s day three of the Money Mindset Makeover and today we’re going to focus on net worth and our assets and liabilities. One of the questions on yesterday’s quiz was about this topic. Not everyone can tell you the dollar amount in each of the above categories but it’s essential information. You might think you have more assets than you actually do or you weren’t aware (when you added up all the credit card balances), just how much you really owed. Today, sit down and either on pen and paper or a computer, make two columns. One you’ll mark assets under which you’ll make a list of everything you owe…

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    Money Makeover Challenge-Day Two

    It’s day two and I thought I’d post some questions we need to ask ourselves as we make our way through the rest of the month. Either take pen and paper or use your laptop for your responses. We’ll do a final check in on March 1st so you can gauge our progress. What would you say is your biggest money challenge? It could be you can’t save even a penny, you have lots of credit card debt or you can’t get motivated enough to find ways to save money. If you lost your job or source of income, how long do you think you’d be able to continue paying…

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    Monday Motivation-Money Mindset Challenge Day One

    It’s day one of our money mindset makeover challenge. I chose this quote from Will Rogers because I think it gets straight to the point. Today think about the things you buy. Are they a want, a need, or just things you feel you must buy to compete with or at the very least, keep up with the Joneses?

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    Friday Ramblings-Caught Up On the January To Do List

    It’s the last Ramblings of the month. This week, I finally caught up on my January to do list. Yesterday, I recorded messages for the new self paced classes I created this month. One is for writing short stories, the other, writing a romance novel. I’ll be uploading them to my writing site later today. Hopefully, all will go well. Would you like to see them added to the BSG store too? I know lots of people dream about writing even if they never have any intention of making a living at it. So if you do have an interest, feel free to e-mail me at budgetsmartqueries@gmail.com My goal is…

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    Think Outside the Box

    Same products, same pitch, same this and that… Every week, I spend a few hours searching online to see what’s being offered, whether it be classes, coaching, or products. I search Amazon, Etsy, to name a few. I also receive about ten e-mails a day from people selling things like classes and software. Guess what? I’d say 99% of both my own searches and the ones that fall into my e-mail, are selling the same type of thing or service. They even have the same sales pitch encouraging me to buy the product. I don’t have to tell you that these are tough times we’re living through. What was an…

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    Money Challenges in February

    Ready to get a new money mindset? February is usually all about romance, hearts, chocolate and flowers, but seems like this year it’s going to be about money. Not only am I having a money makeover challenge here at BSG, but Angela Wills is too. First about the BSG challenge which is free to you. Each day, starting on Monday Feb 1st and finishing on Sunday Feb 28th, I’ll be posting a different money challenge for you. Nothing that’s too hard but things that I hope will get you thinking about how you view money, past ‘relationships’ you have with money, tips on budgeting, ways to save money and also…

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    Friday Ramblings-Learning New Skills

    I always make it a goal of learning something new each week…each day if I can. Last weekend, I decided to dedicate this year to attempting all sorts of new skills. Some might be out of my comfort zone but I’m going for it. One thing I did was sign up for the year long access to all the classes at Mother Earth News. They have ones on canning, gardening, and one I enjoyed this week was making your own soda. It’s not only cheaper but a whole lot better for you. It’s just $2.99 a month or as I did, you can opt up for the $35 a year…

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