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    Budget Minded Gift Ideas

    Have you done all your holiday shopping yet? If you’re still looking, I’ve put together some ideas for you. These first ideas are items I found online and thought they were good buys, and a couple of them would be perfect for keeping a budget on track…yes, you could even pick up one for yourself too- Money Budget Binder I know everyone’s going to digital products but sometimes I like having a physical budget planner and I found this one on Etsy- https://www.etsy.com/listing/1355086439/a6-leather-notebook-binder-money-binder? 10K Money Saving Kit While I was on Etsy, I saw this money saving kit that can help you get to $10,000, great for that rainy day…

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    Money Saving Tip-Let’s Get Baking

    The holiday season means one thing, people bake more. Whether it be cookies or breads. Stores know this is prime baking time and hence put things like flour, sugar, butter etc. on sale to pull you into their store. If your budget allows, pick up a few extra items to keep in the freezer or pantry. Even make up some baked things like bread or brownies and store them in the freezer before prices go up again. The final thing you can do to take advantage of sales, is make homemade gifts. A stack of cookies tied with a pretty ribbon. Hot cocoa combined with a mug or a pair…

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    Big news from the world of content creation…

    Mark your calendars for tomorrow (the 22nd) because something VERY exciting is going to happen… That’s the day The Content Creators Super Stack launches: an epic collection of premium ecourses, masterclasses, and ebooks packed with the expertise of 30 world-class founders, professors, publishers, and creators – especially curated to help creators show up, get noticed, and make more sales. And from everything I’ve seen, this is going to be HUGE. Let me tell you why I think that… The Content Creators Super Stack is one of the newest collections by Infostack.io. (If you don’t know who they are, let me clue you in) Infostack.io is the leading bundle deal site…

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    Money Saving Tip-Thanksgiving

    This week, it’s a money saving tip of a different sort. I saw this on MarketWatch and thought I’d share the link with you. Companies like Walmart and Aldi and more are rolling back prices or running promotions on Thanksgiving items. I’m sure other companies will follow this trend too. If your budget allows, why not stock up on a few items…great for pantry building, before the prices go up again. Canned foods are great to have on hand, think cans of pumpkin, mushroom soup, and evaporated milk. If you want to check out the whole article, here’s the link https://www.marketwatch.com/story/thanksgiving-deals-bag-free-turkeys-or-cheap-trimmings-from-aldi-bjs-shoprite-and-more-11667400099

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    Money Saving Tip-A Win-Win Situation

    If you haven’t shopped at a consignment store then you’re missing out on some of the biggest bargains. Everything from clothes to furniture. I’ve found designer jackets and dresses for less than $10. Household appliances that look like they’ve never been used…in fact, a few have still been in sealed boxes which I’m guessing indicates it was an impulse buy for someone or an unwanted gift. They also offer you the opportunity to make money too. Have a dress you bought for a wedding and now it’s just hanging in the closet? Have a bread maker that you purchased with the intent of making fresh bread every day but it…

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    Money Saving Tip-Use the Internet to Compare Prices on Groceries…on everything

    One of the things I love most about the Internet is it gives me a chance to dos some comparison shopping. Make a list of items you want to buy…even if you’re going to a store to buy them, and choose two or three stores that you know carry those products and make a note of the prices. I’ve been doing that for grocery shopping and you’d be surprised at what you find. A store that I thought would have the lowest prices actually didn’t.

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    Money Saving Tip-Great Value Protein

    I probably don’t have to tell you that proteins like meat and chicken are going up in price…sometimes weekly. A great way to get protein that is also one of the best values at the store, is to use beans. Either using them as the main component of the meal, for example a bean burrito or black bean burger or adding beans to make meat go further in a dish. Canned beans are a favorite pantry staple of mine but dried beans can save you even more money. Another great thing about beans is the variety is endless and each one has a slightly different taste so you’re bound to…

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    Looking for Extra Income or a Side Hustle?

    Who doesn’t want to make extra income or create a side hustle doing something you love. Keeping ahead of inflation is vital now and one way to do that is to create a business or someway to make extra cash. I’m excited to tell you about the current Content Creation Collection Toolbox because I think you’ll find it perfect for finding a way to do just that. This toolbox is a collaboration of the best training (courses & eBooks), high-quality done-for-you content, beautifully crafted commercial use low content books, developer rights plugin, and Canva templates you’ll find on the web by over 60+ talented product creators. That’s right – with…

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    December Best Buys

    The last month of the year and here are items to look for- Gift Cards, if you’re buying someone else a gift card, look for deals where you get additional cards that you can use yourself or use for more gift giving this holiday season or even for someone’s birthday in 2022. Tools, do you have a DIY project for the New Year or know it’s time to replace the older screwdrivers or drills? Now is the time to snag a deal. Christmas Items, yes, you can get deals even before December 25th but wait until the 26th and you can save big time. Toys and Games, I remember Christmas…

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