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    Canadian Free Stuff

        Over the years of running Budget Smart Girl, I’ve had lots of Canadian subscribers ask me about coupons and deals for them. Finally I have a site for you to check out. Here’s an interview with Theresa Bruce who runs CanadianFreeStuff…   Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-Tell us about you and your site? Theresa Bruce (TB)-I first started out this free Canadianfreestuff back in 2000 as a hobby, and at that time loved getting free samples in the mail – Back in those days there were some fabulous free offers you could receive. My mailbox had something new and cool every week back in those days. Free T-shirts and other…

  • Budget Smart Girl's Guide,  Products and Companies Worth Checking Out

    Creativebug’s Having a Sale

      One of my hobbies is arts and crafts so a few years ago I signed up for a subscription to Creativebug Great thing is with your subscription you can take as many classes as you want, sewing, cooking, painting, you name it. You even get to put 12 classes per year into your own library so if you ever quit your subscription they’re still there for you. I’ve learned a ton of stuff from their site. Yes, even stuff like sewing skills that can save me money. I’ve even learned some art skills and sold a few of my doodles so you can make money too! I enjoy the site so…

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    It’s Meatless Monday-Tofu and Mushroom Stew with Herbed Mashed Potatoes

      About this time of the year I begin craving soups and stews. However, I’ve often found vegetarian stews to be lacking in flavor and substance. My goal for this recipe was to have a thick flavor packed gravy that would cling to a comfort food like mashed potatoes. The key is three ingredients and one cooking technique. Slow cooking of the vegetables and then tomato paste, soy and Worcestershire sauce…and yes there is a vegetarian Worcestershire sauce. I used already cubed tofu that you can buy just about anywhere now but regular block tofu works too, just cut it into bite size cubes after it’s been through the usual…

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    The Saving Money Plan

    I can’t remember how I found out about Saving Money Plan www.savingmoneyplan.com but I’m really glad I signed up to receive the daily newsletters because I’ve saved money with coupons I’ve seen in the newsletter, found out about free stuff (you know I love both of those things!) and learned more about how to find and use coupons. I thought it was about time I shared this valuable site with you and decided to go straight to its founder, Claire Williams for all the inside information. Budget Smart Girl (BSG)-For the readers who don’t know about the site can you tell them what Saving Money Plan is all about? Claire…

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    Special Holiday Offer

    If you’re now taking your own lunch to work or thinking about it, here’s a deal you might like. Laptop Lunches has a holiday sale going on. They sell lunchboxes and a whole lot more and are perfect for carrying your homemade lunch and yes, saving money. They also make the pefect gift. Between December 7 and December 16th they’re offering 20% off all their items, just enter coupon code Holiday2008 at check out. www.laptoplunches.com

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    More Ideas for Leftovers

    I love it when I opened up e-mail and someone’s sent me great money saving tips or recipes. This is an e-mail I received from The Spice Hunter. It got my attention and as this week’s topic is leftovers, I thought I’d share it with you. If there’s a collective groan every time you reach for the Tupperware stockpile in your fridge, it’s probably time to spice up what you reserve. While eating leftovers saves money, time, and resources, there’s no reason eating virtuously has to be boring. Below are tips from the flavor experts at The Spice Hunter to help you transform your leftovers into a delicious meal, incognito:…

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    Hair Care Choices-Five Stars

    If you read either of my articles about ways to extend the life of your hair color, you might remember someone recommending a product called Hair Color Maintenance Shampoo from Tressa. I ordered some last week from Hair Care Choices, www.haircarechoices.com and highly recommend their company. I only spent $10.99 but the shipping and handling was free, they shipped the product on the day I ordered it and the shampoo arrived two days later. An added plus was they included a coupon for 10% off my next purchase. They get five stars from this Budget Smart Girl.

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    Check Out this New Book

    Here’s a book that I know all Budget Smart Girls will enjoy reading. The Budget Savvy Lesson Plan by Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons. Melissa is the creator of Budget Savvy Magazine which was a print publication but now is an online magazine. I’ve written a couple of articles for Melissa. She shares my philosophy about being budget smart while still enjoying the good life, so I know you’ll love the Budget Savvy Lesson Plan. It’s $12.95 and here’s a link that will tell you more about it and how you can order a copy. http://budgetsavvylessonplan.com

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    Don’t Bite Me!

    If you’re a regular visitor of this site you’ll know that if the budget allows I always opt for natural and/or organic products. So you can guess how excited I was to be sent a sample of a new product called Don’t Bite Me! No, it’s not to keep the vampires away, but designed to keep those nasty mosquitoes and other pests of summer at bay. It’s DEET free, made from vitamin B1 and aloe vera and comes in a patch that you stick onto your body. It’s good for up to 36 hours and is safe to use on children. Seem too good to be true? I have to…

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    Some Natural Products Worth Checking Out

    While I carefully watch how I spend my money, I’m also careful about the products I buy. If I’m able to squeeze a few natural and/or organic items into the budget, so much the better. Here are four such items I think are worth checking out. Noble Juices Noble Juices is a Florida based company that produce fruit juice such as blood orange and tangerine cranberry. The flavors are very intense and what I think is budget friendly about them is you can dilute them or add half sparkling water and make one bottle go even further. I made ice pop treats with them too. And even used the blood…

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