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Budget Smart Makeover

I hope your summer (or winter) has been fun and money saving.

I’m currently updating the site by working through each of the posts, articles, and interviews and it’s taking me longer than I thought because there are over 800 of them. What I’m basically doing is removing anything that’s no longer relevant, removing links that no longer work and adding tags and putting everything into categories.

If you haven’t looked at the archives, I encourage you to do so because lots of articles and tips can be helpful in today’s economy.

I’m also planning and working on a self-paced course to teach you how to save money. I’m not sure when it will be finished but I’m aiming for an end of year or early 2024 launch.

Anything you’d like to see at Budget Smart Girl? E-mail me at budgetsmartqueries@gmail.com or leave a comment.

Happy saving.

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