Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy these 3 simple hacks to keep your money in your pocket a lot longer

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve put together 3 surprisingly simple money hacks you can use right away to stop your cash from vanishing.

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Now let’s get to those super-easy and effective hacks!

#1. Cash Envelopes Are The New Black

Cash tucked into envelopes? Really?

I know it sounds simple, but the benefits are huge. And it works.

Here’s why cash envelopes are the ultimate hack…

In the days before easy credit was a thing, this strategy was used by savvy folks who didn’t want to be short when it came time to pay their quarterly or annual bills like utility bills and car insurance.

Because if they didn’t have the money, they were going to get their utilities cut, or they wouldn’t be able to drive their car.

Back then, there were no easy alternatives to solve cash-strapped scenarios like overdrafts, credit cards, quick loans, or balance transfers.

There was just…cash…and checks

So they figured out by using envelopes to set aside the monthly amount they needed to “save” meant they always had the money to pay their bills – and never had to stress about paying them!

And then, some figured out a bonus hack: Round up the amount a little bit and start to build stealth savings. Put that across a half dozen envelopes and in a year?

All bills paid on time (with zero stress when the bill arrives), and a little cash buffer built up to boot!

All this from envelopes, a pen to label them, and a tiny bit of foresight.

And with savings rates for bank accounts so pitiful that you’re doomed to lose against inflation anyway, it won’t matter if you stuff your envelopes into a fire-proof safe in the closet. You’ll still be better off. And in control.

And you’ll feel like a boss.


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#2. Spreadsheets For The Win

Continuing the retro theme, this ridiculously simple hack takes us back to the early Internet days when spreadsheets went from paper to digital.

Pop in a simple formula and all the values updated at the blink of an eye. Exciting.

Plus Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheets were endless.

But, twenty-odd years ago, everyone used them at school or work. And plenty of folk used them at home to keep an eye on their finances.

And it worked.

In 2000, The Motley Fool, once known as ‘The Best Financial Community on the Web’ extolled spreadsheets as a key tool for financial freedom.

But as the Internet advanced, spreadsheets soon were replaced by other tools. Tools that didn’t require formulas and mainly used for project management and data management.

And we forgot about the benefit of spreadsheets.

Like seeing all of our expenses and income at once, both now and projected in the future.

But have a little look around sites like Reddit and Twitter and you’ll see that spreadsheets are enjoying a renaissance in 2022 as folks rediscover that it’s nice to see everything in one place, and for free.

So if you want to multitask your finances, be able to save for important purchases, and not run out of money, then a spreadsheet is your best friend.

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#3. Pay In Cash, Not Plastic

Like actual cash? Is that even a thing anymore?


That’s why this hack is pure magic.

We’re so used to doing everything digitally our perception of the value of money has been minimized – and we are rapidly losing control of our finances.

Research shows if you pay for an item in cash instead of with a credit card, you will spend less. A lot less.

It’s something to do with the psychology of money. When it’s in your hand, it’s harder to part with it. You value it more.

Money lenders and banks have figured out that when we make contactless purchases it feels like we are spending ‘free’ money.

So we spend more.

Two. We don’t keep track (raise your hand if you say ‘No’ when they ask if you want a receipt).

And three, we spiral into debt.

Great for the banks and lenders.

Real bad for us.

So while you are stuffing your envelopes at the beginning of each month for your upcoming bills, think about keeping back cash for your purchases like food and using that instead.

You’ll find your mentality will be totally different when you have to start pulling the cash out of your pocket instead of waving a magic piece of plastic over a card reader.

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Today and everyday.

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