Some Exciting News…

I’ve got some exciting news and wanted you to be the first to know

The Content Creators Super Stack is ready for you, but it won’t be here for long!

You’re getting the first chance to get in on this great deal.

I know many of you are content creators or aspiring creators and have problems with-

1.            Knowing where to get started with using content creation to grow their businesses, and/or  

2.            Maintaining consistency for the long haul

Well, how would you like the solution? 

Wouldn’t it give you a head start on your competition, as well as making your life a whole lot easier?

The Content Creators Super Stack has been curated specifically to give you real results in these 2 areas.

👉 Mel Lee-Smith’s Content Dashboard is the key to getting organized by having all your essential business info at your fingertips.

No more wasting time searching through scads of google docs, trello boards or sticky notes, instead of doing the real work that grows your business.

Being organized is the very first step in growing a business with content.

👉 I’ve seen people struggle with the feast/famine cycle for years because they weren’t able to be consistent with their content.

When you don’t have much paid work, it’s easy to create on a daily basis, and attract new clients.

But when you’re busy with work, the content creation falls off… causing clients to dry up. The Complete Content Repurposing Formula by Sandy Norman will help you understand how to use what you’ve already made and stay consistent.

Work smarter, not harder.

 I know you’ll love the Super Stack, because not only do you get the above products that solve those two problems, but you’ll get so much more:

●             If you’re just getting started as a content creator there are 9 products in the stack to help you start efficiently, effectively and strategically

●             If you’re struggling to stay consistent there are six products that will make sure you stay organized, and get predictable leads, clients and income

I’ll be sharing more specific info about what’s included in the Super Stack as the week goes on

Remember, this will not only solve those 2 big problems I mentioned but the Super Stack has way more to offer as well.

At just $49 it’ll quickly pay for itself, while giving you far better results (and with less hassle) than you’re getting now.

It’s a one week only offer by the folks at So if you want real results from your content efforts, grab it while you can! I’d hate for you to miss out.

Check it here by following this link and in full disclosure I’ll be compensated (but at no extra cost to you), if you decide to make a purchase…and thank you in advance!


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