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E-Mail List Update

If you’ve been a subscriber of Budget Smart Girl since 2005 you probably signed up via Feedburner and receive posts via their delivery system. After the end of the month (April), this service will no longer be available which means you’ll no longer receive notifications and posts of anything that appears on the site. I do have the subscriber list and I’m hoping to import them to the system I now use which is Mailchimp via the Popup Builder but as you know techy stuff isn’t always easy for Ms. Non-Techy here so if you still want to continue receiving posts and notifications can you use the PopUp builder on the site (you’ll) probably need to actually visit the site) to sign up again just incase I’m unable to merge the two.

If you have any questions or need help signing up via the PopUp Builder feel free to contact me at

This is just for those of you who signed up in the early days, if you signed up in the last year or so, you don’t need to sign up again.

Thanks so much and thank you for following Budget Smart Girl for all these years . I appreciate each and everyone of you!

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