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Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 24- 5 Money Saving Sites

Check out these sites to help you stick to your budget.

Continuing with our money saving week. Here are five sites to check out that should help you with most of your money savings goals-

This first one is an online calculator you can use to figure out all sorts of budget related things like savings, gas mileage…you name it.

This next one is similar to the above but specifically keys in on mortgages. It lets you plug in the numbers and see how much you’ll pay for your mortgage and also how long it will take to pay for your home-

Ever wonder what’s the difference between accounts at certain banks or who is offering you the best rate on your savings or CD, check out this site-

And these next two are food related. I hate wasting food and love this site because you can type in what ingredients you have on hand and it comes up with suggestions for meals-

And finally, something I mentioned yesterday, don’t go to the supermarket without a plan and this site let’s you plan meals and make grocery lists-

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