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Money Mindset Makeover Challenge-Day 11-What Makes You Break Your Budget?

What Ruins Your Budget?

How did you do with yesterday’s challenge?

Did you figure out what triggers you to break your budget?

A few years ago, I realized e-mails from certain companies always tempted me to make a purchase. They always convinced me it was something I really needed at this very point in my life.

Many of us are entrepreneurs ourselves who need mailing lists so I’m in no way saying what they’re doing is wrong. We all need to persuade and sell things but be aware of how many you receive per day and how often you’re buying things. And be aware it could be items and services you wouldn’t have gone looking for in the first place.

So today, think about what sort or e-mails you’re receiving and how often you buy from them and what you actually buy from them. Have you actually used any of the products and services. Do you buy something from every e-mail they send?

I opted out of about 50% of the e-mail lists I was subscribed to, not only to cut down on the time I was spending reading them, but many were all about selling me stuff and nothing else.

(As a side note, next month we’ll be focusing on your e-mail content and the dos and don’ts for entrepreneurs).

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