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Budget Smart Girl 2021

This week, I’ve been planning content for Budget Smart Girl for 2021. I’ve taken your suggestions and input into consideration. A big thank you to everyone who contacted me. Some of you are subscribers from way back in 2005 and some of you are new followers.

Based on my ideas and yours, here’s what I came up-

Monday Motivation

This is one of your favorite things. Some of you even told me you look forward to Monday mornings and opening up your e-mail to find words of encouragement. So, Monday Motivation is here to stay.

Budget Talk/Saving Money

Many subscribers from way back when (and thank you so much for sticking with me), told me they do miss the money saving tips. With that in mind, I’ve decided to do a monthly round up of anything I come across that might help you save money and stretch your budget.

Content Creation

Many of you said you struggle to put together content and especially on a regular basis so we’ll be keying on on that too.

Finding New Ways to Make Money

With so many people struggling with things like job loss and businesses closing, keying in on niches and looking for new ideas is obviously something we need to think about as we begin 2021.

Inspirational Stories

One thing I would like to add are more stories and interviews with people who have turned an idea into a business. It might not be a million dollar one, but they took that first step and took a chance. I hope we can have one inspirational story per month so if you are one of those people(remember this is free promotion for you too), contact me at

All of the above will be the main elements but we’ll also be focusing on just about everything connected to saving and making money with the ultimate goal being gaining financial freedom.

Hope you’ll join me on this journey in 2021.

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