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2021-Make Your Dreams Come True

What are your dreams for 2021?

What do you want your life to look like in the new year?

For the next week or so let’s sit down and work on our goals, dreams, call them what you like, for 2021.

What is you what to achieve and why?

Pay special attention to the why part of the question.

Knowing your why can separate success from failure.

It could be that you want to start a business so you can quit your job. Finally pay off some debt. Or even be more financially secure.

Do you any ideas about how you’re going to take the first step?

Maybe you need to read books on a certain topic, take a class. or even just search online for ideas.

Who’s going to hold you accountable?

Once again, having someone who will hold you to all the promises you made to yourself, sometimes means the difference between succeeding and failing?

How often will you check what’s working and what’s not?

Weekly, monthly, each quarter?

What will your dream or success look like to you?

It could be the zero amount on credit card debt. A new website offering all the products you’ve made, or even the letter you sent to your boss telling him or her you’re retiring at the end of the year.

Keep all these handy and refer back to your responses to gauge your progress.

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