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Black Friday Sales

Two more weeks and counting…

Still working on your three products for the upcoming Black Friday sales rush?

I must admit that I’m running behind just a tad. I have two products almost ready. One more left to go and then I’ll work on the graphics. One product will also launch my new site that I’ll be telling you more about. If you’re a self publisher or thinking about becoming one in 2021, stay tuned.

I’ll also be putting all the products in the store on sale for Black Friday and then have another promotion for Cyber Monday. I’m also thinking about having a 12 days of Christmas sale where each day I’ll discount a different product.

How about you, what will you be putting on sale and promoting? Let me know and I’ll list it here to help get the sales rolling in. You can reach me at

And before I forget, April decided to run the CCC Toolbox promotion again, all those great products for just one low price. My Product Creation Master pack is included.

Who knows you might find something in the toolbox that you can tweak and use as your Black Friday sale product…it’s not too late.

Here’s the link, and yes, it’s my affiliate one so I will be compensated for anything you buy if you use it.

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