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Another Flash Sale-E-Mail Marketing and Virtual Assistant Training

Another day and another flash sale, and another one from Angela Wills

Two different products are included in today’s sale.

Both are perfect if you want to gain new skills in e-mail marketing, grow your list, or just overhaul you e-mail marketing plan.

Here’s the link for that one-

Natural Email Marketer is only $25 until 5pm ET:

Next one is Angela’s virtual assistant training. She’s been a VA herself so knows all about the business. What a great deal and what better time to think about launching your own VA business. I think with more people working from home and launching their own business, you’ll be in great demand from this year onwards.

Here’s the link for that-

Overnight VA Success Story is only $10 until 11pm ET:

In full disclosure, these are my affiliate links and if you buy anything using them, I will get compensated.

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