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Getting Ready for Black Friday-Week One

Are you ready for Black Friday?

Not the buying part but the selling side of the event.

Every Thursday between now and Thanksgiving, I’ll be guiding you through creating three new products or services that you’re going to put on sale ready for Black Friday and the holiday season.

Let’s start today with our brainstorming session.

Get out a sheet of paper or fire up the laptop, set a timer for five minutes and write down all the ideas for products and services that come to mind.

Once the five minutes is up, go grab a drink of something delicious like hot cider or chai tea, and relax while you look over the list.

Anything jumping at you?

Any one thing in particular shouting, this would be great to offer my subscribers/clients?

Can you eliminate a few things immediately?

Once you’ve narrowed it down, zoom in again and pick your favorite three.

Here’s what I came up with products I’ll be working on in the coming weeks-

Self Promotion Tool Kit

Coaching Tool Kit

Self Publishing Tool Kit

Next week we’ll begin working on the first steps you’ll need to take to create product one so have your ideas ready!

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