Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings-What Does Your Friday Look Like?

Welcome to October.

What do you have planned this month?

Today, I thought back to when I worked for someone else and what Fridays used to mean. The end of the work week, a two day rest, my mind thinking about anything besides work.

Fridays take on a whole new meaning when you become your own boss. Well, at least they have for me.

I’ve used them to think about what I got done, what I didn’t get to, and what I want to achieve the following week. Before I used Fridays for planning, my mind wouldn’t switch off and I’d be thinking about work at the weekend too. Not a good thing.

So now, every Friday, I try and get us much content uploaded as I can. I post Monday lessons ready to be sent out to my students, and I make a list of my must and would like to dos for the following week. When Friday evening comes around I switch off and then return to my laptop Monday morning, recharged and ready to tackle the week.

What about you, what do your Fridays look like and do they need revamping?

That’s about it for the week, but before I go, another reminder that you can pick up my Product Creation Kit as part of the CCC Toolbox sale that April has organized. You can download it along with lots of others goodies for just $39.95. What a great idea to do it today and spend the weekend leisurely looking through it to see what business ideas you can come up with. Even what content you can use for your own site. I know you’ll find something.

Here’s the link and in full disclosure, it’s my affiliate link so if you buy something using it, I get compensated.

Have a fun weekend and ‘see’ you again on Monday.

Remember to live the life you love.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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