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Showcase and Promote You and Your Business

Have a product or service you’d like to promote on Budget Smart Girl?

Would you like to showcase and promote you and your business on Budget Smart Girl?

I’ve spent some of the morning planning out fall content for the site and thought it would be great to have you promote your services and products here for others to see. It could be someone is looking for something you’ve made or a service you offer. It could be you’re a virtual assistant and someone needs help with responding to e-mails or posting on social media. Maybe you’ve got software that can streamline someone’s business. Perhaps a product that while it isn’t necessary business orientated, it’s a rest and relaxation one, like handmade soap or essential oils.

It’s amazing how many talented people are out there and I know it’s tough to get noticed in this crowded space we call the Internet. And for those of you who have followed BSG from its early days, you’ll remember the ever popular Budget Smart Girl Holiday Gift Guide. I’m thinking of bringing that back and it too would be perfect to showcase your product.

So, if you’d like to showcase a product/service or include something in the BSG holiday gift guide, contact me at

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