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PLR-Private Label Rights

Want a quick way to add content to your site or put together a quick publication to give to clients or subscribers?

If you create content, I probably don’t have to tell you it’s a lot of work. It’s time consuming and to be perfectly honest, some days you draw a blank about what to share with your audience.

You could hire someone to do the writing for you but that can get expensive.

An another alternative is PLR.

It stands for Private Label Rights. It can be anything from an already written blog post, an e-book or even a journal or planner.

The creator sells you PLR rights which allows you to use it as if it were your own work.

Each PLR creator has their own sets of rules on what you can and can’t do once you purchase the product.

Most of these include not selling the whole package and rights to your own audience or putting the PLR owner’s name on it.

Many of you have contacted me asking if I’ll be offering any PLR products and the answer is yes. I’m working on some right now and should have them in the store in mid to late fall.

We’ll be getting more into PLR products in the coming months and I’ll be offering you tips on how to use them to suit your own needs and tailor them to your audience.

In the meantime, I want to tell you about a sale that’s coming up tomorrow where you’ll be able to get some high quality PLR products for 50% off.

Maria Silvo of Artsy Challenge celebrates her 2nd year in business with a special 6-day store-wide event.

Early birds catch more worms so that’s how Maria is structuring her event.

Aug. 21-22 – 50% off

Aug. 23-24 – 40% off

Aug. 25-26 – 30% off

It starts tomorrow so get set to save money on lots of great products. And don’t worry if you forget because I’ll post another reminder tomorrow.

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