Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings-The Great Thing About Online Grocery Shopping

Another heat advisory today! It’s hard to believe that just two days ago it was in the 60’s and I had to go grab a sweater. Now it’s not much fun stepping outside.

One thing I’m loving that not only saves time, but I think money too, is online grocery shopping. Supermarkets are in the business of making you buy more than you intended but if you don’t see the can of gourmet this and that, the artisan bread or the cupcakes that are on sale, they don’t find a way into your cart. Another thing I love about shopping for groceries on my laptop is I can see the total before I get to the checkout. I’ve seen people walk around the store with calculators but it’s never been my thing and sometimes you get the ouch factor at the checkout. Now if I feel I’ve gone a little overboard… don’t even shop online when you’re hungry, I can scan through my list and figure out what I can cut to stay within budget.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or need a little help with the one you already have, grab this while it’s on sale!

I forgot to make a separate post about this but just a quick note that I added a Beginning Bloggers Starter Pack to the store. It’s on sale for just $4.99 through the end of the month.

And hope you saw the post about Angela’s upcoming course Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits,

$20 – no coupon code needed

In full disclosure, I’ll get compensated if you use the link.

That’s about it for the week, hope you have a fun weekend, ‘see’ you again on Monday and remember to always live the life you love.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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