Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings-New Feature?

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. It’s certainly flown by.

Lots of you have asked if I’m going to feature money saving tips again. While the new focus of the site leans toward ways you can make money, along with products that can help you do that, that’s not to say I won’t throw in the odd post or two. One thing I’m considering is a worth it or not, feature.

Sort of like reviews on things I’ve purchased and offering you an honest opinion on whether or not you should spend your money. I buy lots of things I wish I hadn’t because they didn’t taste good, or didn’t live up to their hype. On the other hand, there are products I love and couldn’t live without.

Speaking of things I couldn’t live without, that’s being part of Laptop University. I’m taking part in an upcoming giveaway so I’m also excited to share this with you. Full disclosure, I get commission if you sign up from my link…doesn’t cost you any more to do so.

You’ve heard it before – you need to build your email list. You’ve also been highly motivated to do so but it’s hard to get a solid answer to the question “HOW do I build my list?”

My friend Angela Wills has a very solid, doable and actionable answer for you – Giveaway Events.

A giveaway event is an event that gathers together people with digital offers and puts all those offers together in ONE place. Then the entire group sends traffic to the bundle of goodness. The value to YOU is that you build your list fast, and easily and without a ton of work to get there.

Giveaway events allow you to leverage the work of dozens of people to drive new people to your business. Most giveaways successfully help you add 50-500+ new people to your email list! All for a few hours and in some cases, a few minutes, work!

I know it sounds pretty dang amazing and it is. It’s a bit of a secret that some people use again and again and again to grow their list. Some people don’t bother with other methods because this one works so well for them.

Angela is the owner of the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity and she’s been hosting these events for her members since 2018. She’s also participated in events for over 10 years and added thousands of people to her email list through giveaway events over the years. Angela usually adds 300-600 people to her email list at a time through these events and she’s going to teach you how to do the same in her new program List-Building with Giveaways.

This new training is only $20 until Tuesday, June 16th. Here’s what you get:

Step by Step List-Building with Giveaways Training

Giveaway Event Participation Checklist

7 Ways to Find Giveaways Sheet

Current & Constantly updated exclusive list of events and bundles you can join!

Wow! You can buy this program now, study it immediately and start participating. If you’re a fast mover Angela’s event would love to invite you to her OWN event for member’s only (for only $1) which has a submission deadline of Monday, June 15th! You can join Angela’s Laptop Lifestyle Youniversity for only $1 after you order the training and get a one month trial – then join at a discounted monthly pricing! Great deal you won’t find anywhere else.

So if you want to list-build and want a smart, fast, easy way to do so you’ll love this:

Save $30 until Tuesday with coupon code: giveaway

Buy List-Building with Giveaway Events Here

See you again on Monday and remember to live the life you love.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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