Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings-Money Makeover

It’s June and yes, I’m already running behind with posting here. I’ll be honest it’s tough. I’m sure those of you who have blogs, sites, whatever, know what I’m talking about. Life and other stuff ties up your time.

This week, the first session of the summer writing retreat began. It’s great to see so many people who are taking all three sessions to write or at least get started on writing a book.

If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late and you can read the lessons any time…they’re delivered to your e-mail. Participate whenever you want and there’s a workbook too. Lots of fun so here’s the link if you think you’d like to write a book or learn more about writing one this summer-

I’m also working on a couple of products for the BSG store. One is about creating online classes and webinars…I think both are going to be huge this year and in the coming years.

And I’m in the middle of putting together a money makeover package. Many times we fail at business or even with our every day money because we have the wrong mindset or we approach making money in the wrong way. I’m calling this one the BSG Money Makeover Pack and hope to launch it later this month.

Something I did finally do this week…tried out my new solar oven. I didn’t cook anything too adventurous and stuck with applesauce. I have to say I love the oven, loved the taste of the applesauce…who would think cooking with the sun would make things taste that much better? Best of all, no charge for the energy used to cook it. I’m eager to try other dishes like breads and casseroles. I’ve decided to join their affiliate program and will tell you more about that in upcoming posts.

That’s about it for this first week of June. What have you been doing? What steps did you take this week to start a business or secure your financial future which I feel is more important than ever before?

‘See’ you again on Monday, until then, have a fun weekend and remember to live the life you love.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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