Build Your List with Giveaway Events…hurry free webinar starts in less than 5 hours!

For years people have been telling me I have to build and grow my e-mail list. The money is in the list they’d say over and over again.

I know it’s true because you can have a great product but if you have no one to sell it to, no one who’s going to see it, then your time and effort is wasted. And I’m talking wasted with a capital W.

We’re looking for an effective, consistent way to grow our email lists so we can serve more people and have more people see the wonderful products and services we have to offer them. That’s why I was excited to see an email from my friend Angela Wills about how to list-build with giveaway events. (full disclosure the links are affiliate ones for me)

If you don’t know what that is, check out this page and you’ll learn all about how to join forces with people like you to add dozens or even hundreds of new people to your email list at a time:
List-Building with Givaway Events Free Webinar is: https://laptoplifestyleyouniversity.com/amember/aff/go/susiep?i=30 

Angela has used this method to add thousands of people to her own email lists and helped her customers do the same! 

Here’s what you get in the free webinar on Friday:

  • Why ANY type of business can benefit from participating in a giveaway event to build your list and how to turn what you know into more prospective customers, quickly.   
  • The steps to take to successfully participate in an event like this and where to find HIGH-QUALITY events that attract people who WILL BUY your offers (not just freebie seekers). 
  • The one thing you MUST get right when doing this kind of list-building or you’ll be totally wasting your time and may as well not even bother at all. I know, so dramatic (!), but you really need to get this so you create logical paths to profit. 

After you register don’t close the thank you page right away! 

On the thank you page you’ll find an offer to join the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity for FREE (for a 14-day trial) and get access to your free Giveaway List-Building Checklist, 7 Ways to Find Giveaway Events, a full training course AND a just-started listing of Giveaway events you can join to grow your list. This product will be updated frequently and you get immediate, free access NOW, if you want. But it is a true one-time only offer and expires 30 minutes after you land on the page. 

If you decide you want to KEEP the training you’ll get the best membership price locked in for her Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity, only $37/month. I have gotten word that in July membership pricing is going up to $45/month (or possibly more) but you will be grandfathered in at the lower price.

OR – just grab the free training webinar but make sure you show up – the recording will be added to the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity training and not sent out via email. 

Join the webinar here:

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