Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings-Self Publishing Entrepreneurs

It’s spring but yesterday we had snow…big change from the 70 degree temps earlier in the week.

How is everyone doing? I hope you’re well and doing something fun besides working. Taking time off is something I’ve always found hard to do. I’ve told myself that this weekend I’m going to do some artwork.

My self publishing class began on Monday and I’m seeing more people want to go that route. (More people have told me now they have the time, they’re finally writing a book).

Five years ago I launched a site dedicated to self publishing because I knew it was going to be the new big thing. I guess I didn’t realize just how big. I’ve not done much to the site…okay, I’ll be honest, I’ve done very little to the site but the other day I sensed that needs to change. Most self publishers are also entrepreneurs. We’re not only writers, editors, book cover designers but promoters, accountants, yes, the ones who wear all the hats. I brainstormed for a word that merged the two. I had to tweak it somewhat because when I checked if the domain name was still available, many of them weren’t. I finally got one I liked and one that no one else had used. I’ll be changing over the old domain name to this new one and begin working on revamping the whole site. My aim is to offer classes and coaching to anyone who wants to turn self publishing into a serious business. I’ll let you know when it’s all done so you can take a look.

That’s about it for this week.

‘See’ you again on Monday.

Remember to live the life you love.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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