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Domain name, hosting versus…..

Lots of people have their own views on web sites, platforms to use, where to register domains, but as promised, I’ll share with you, what’s worked, and what’s not worked for me.

I’ve always been loyal to WordPress and I should add initially I used their .com version. Anything too technical isn’t for me. In fact, ask anyone who know me and they’ll tell you, I get into a panic! Someone suggested WordPress and it’s the only platform I’ve ever used because even for someone like me, it’s easy to use and enables you to use have a site up and running in no time. So, first tip, if you’re starting out and want to build a web site or blog, I’d try first.

Fast forward some years and I decided to set up a whole bunch of niche sites that I’d one day sell…more about this venture coming up at a later date. To do that and use plug ins and all the other good stuff, I needed to use the org version of WordPress. Yes, there’s a learning curve and no, I still haven’t got hang of everything, but I like the platform.

For my writing blog, I went with their .com version but upgraded to their premium plan so I could upload more content, audio and visual posts, and add a buy button for my classes. And I do earn some money on allowing them to place ads on my posts. I have plans to switch over to their .org site because I want to add even more content and features and it’s the cheaper way to go.

WordPress also lets you buy your domain name from them and I’ve done that a few times but the site I now use to register my domain names is Namecheap. I’ve used other companies but somehow it always seemed they started out low cost and then each year the price got higher and I got charged for things not even their employees could explain. So,, I luckily found Namecheap and couldn’t be happier.

I know lots of people try and sell services and products that they actually hate just to get commission, but I promise you that’s not me. I like great service at fair prices and I’ll never recommend a company just to make money.

The other day I did sign up to become a Namecheap affiliate and happy to say I got accepted this morning so the link I’m about to share with you, should you use it, will earn me some commission. If you want to register a domain name or even transfer one, they offer great prices, ease of use and support that helps you out, yes, even for someone like me who sometimes doesn’t have a clue

(We’ll be talking more about this type of marketing as we talk more about blogging as a way to make money).

One other thing you’ll need if you’re using a or any other platform is a hosting company. I have used the following company since day one and a shout out to Nicole who owns it because she’s been great. I know I’ve pestered her one too many times with questions. She’s kept me calm and explained things in terms Ms. Untechy here can understand. What I like too is I can have all my sites hosted for one price which is $89 per year. A great price for peace of mind knowing I have someone to turn to when I run into problems or just need a question answered.

Check out the company (no, I don’t get commission here but tell her I sent you).

That’s my experience with domains and hosting. If anyone else has anything else to recommend or any questions, contact me or leave a comment.

Talk again soon and remember to live the life you love.

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Remember to live the life you love!

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