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Business Talk Thursday-Let’s Focus On Why

The difference between success and failure is often due to lack of motivation.

When things get hard like when you’re freelancing, running a business, or just simply trying to make some extra money, it’s often lack of knowing your true why that puts an end to your plan.

Get a sheet of paper and write down why you want to pursue whatever it is you dream about.

Are you saving to buy your first home?

A comfortable retirement?

An early retirement?

The once in a lifetime trip around the world?

Living the life you love is different for each of us so simply writing down I want to make more money won’t help you when energy wanes, sales aren’t happening or the pitch you made is rejected.

This week be specific about why you want to make money and refer back to it on a daily basis.

For me, I want to make more money this year so I can save to buy an RV or campervan. My goal is to travel for extended periods.

It’s what I focus on when my motivation begins to falter.

I’ve tried this method before and you wouldn’t believe how it keeps you going even on days when you feel like quitting.

Give it a try and even be bold enough to share your why with others by leaving a comment. We’re on this journey together!

Talk soon and remember to live the life you love.

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