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Do You Know How You’re Going to Make Money?

I’ve been putting together ideas for the direction of this site and where I want to take it in 2020 and who my target audience will be. I want to help people make money, help people with businesses and side gigs make more money. I also want to help people find their passion, find their calling, and make money doing what they love.

I’ve got a long list of ideas for posts, people I want to interview, people just like you who now run a business and it all started one day when they simply had a dream about making more money. There are classes I want to teach…well, the list goes on and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Between now and when we launch into this adventure, I want you to think about your skills, (don’t say you don’t have any because we all have something to share with the world). What are you good at? What’s your passion? What is that thing that makes you get out of bed every morning?

Make a list and then think about how you’re going to put it to use.

For example, maybe you knit. You could open an online store, teach others how to knit, even sell knitting patterns.

So, underneath the list of skills, write down things you might like to do with that skill set.

Even find yourself a pretty notebook and jot down all the ideas and use it as you put together your money making plan.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about some of the topics we’re going to focus on so please tell your friends about the site, have them sign up because the more people in the Budget Smart Girl community, the better it’s going to be.

Talk to you again very soon.

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