Getting Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Yes, it’s that time of year again when retailers gear up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Bargains await…or do they?

During the holidays is when lots of people who’ve been sticking to a budget all year, throw in the towel, common sense goes out of the window and before you know you start the new year wondering what happened.

Here are a five tips to make sure you’re not one of those people-


A Bargain isn’t always a bargain

Been there and done that…or bought that. Just because a retailer tells you it’s on sale and a bargain doesn’t make it so. If there’s something you’re specifically looking for next Friday do your research before you hand over your money. What’s the going price on a regular shopping day? I always say the more you know about a product and its value the less likely you’ll be to fall for this is a bargain you can’t so no to sales pitch.


Shop Online

You probably already know stores offer Black Friday deals and are willing to lose some money on these items for one reason…get you in the store where they’ll tempt you to buy other things that aren’t necessary a bargain…maybe even items you didn’t intend to by. Shop online and there’s less temptation.


Know Your Shopping Achilles’ Heel

If you know some stores are your weakness, stay away from them. I know it’s tough but it’s a bit like being that kid in the candy store, don’t really need it, but you see and have to have it. Same goes for the people you shop with. I know if I shop with other people I’m more likely to impulse buy than if I’m on my own.

Make a List

Before you shop make a list of things you want and stick with it. If you do, then give yourself a little treat like coffee or tea in a store at the mall. If you don’t then it’s straight home you go.


Get a Prepaid Credit or Debit Card

You can now buy credit and debit cards with prepaid amounts and use them just like regular credit and debit cards. Once they’ve been used up, you’ve run out of money and shopping time is over. If you head online or go shopping with an endless pot of gold you’ll want to spend that endless spot of gold and regret it later when the bills pour in.


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