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I love to cook and I think it’s a skill that helps me save money and eat healthier foods. One thing I’m a huge believer in is meal planning.

Every week I sit down plan out one or two weeks, yes, even a whole month’s meals. I print out recipes and then make a grocery list and that way I don’t waste food or give in to impulse buys.

This year, I’ve been busy…maybe I’m getting a bit fatigued with the whole meal planning thing too, but I thought wouldn’t it be great if someone else did this for me? I did an Internet search for meal planning sites, tried a few free ones but decided they didn’t do as much of the work as I’d like. I then checked out paid ones and didn’t like the price until I stumbled across Meal Planning Central.

I’ll be transparent here and say that I liked it so much I signed up to be an affiliate. I’ll only ever do that if I feel the value is good and will benefit other Budget Smart Girls. If you pay for a whole year at a time, it’s just $4 per month (or basically a $1 per week) which I feel is a bargain compared to the two hours a week I spend doing what they do for me.

You can try a week’s meal plan for free to give it a test run, they have a Family Favorite meal plan and other’s launching shortly including a vegetarian one.

Even if you don’t want to check out their free meal planner, their site has some great recipes…don’t miss the sheet pan sweet potato hash. I made it the other night and loved it so much I’m making it again this weekend.



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