Splurge on Clothing and Shoes?


I’m seeing lots of articles about fashion week and what’s going to be the next ‘in thing’ in clothing. Some of my clothes are older than I’d like to admit to and I think I’ve always been budgt savvy about making wise purchases. Cheap isn’t always necessarily better especially if you want them to last. So here are some tips on how to decide if something is worth spending more money on…

Check Your Closet

Look in your closet. Note any clothing that is not a well-known, well-made brand, which you bought on the spur of the moment because it was cheap.

After you wear these items and clean them, they don’t look the same. This makes cheap clothing quite expensive. It’s more akin to renting an outfit than buying an outfit you can wear repeatedly.

Your Winter Coat

Coats are a great place to spend money. You only need one or two in the winter – one for work and one for leisure. Styles of coats rarely change, so a good coat will last you a lifetime if you buy the right one and then take care of it properly.

Think wool pea coat or overcoat, or a good down jacket for leisure. When you consider how long a good coat should last, you can spend a lot more on it because it’s an investment.

Jeans and Other Denim Items

Everyone likes wearing jeans or other denim, and it’s been around forever. Expensive jeans will have a high stitch count and be thicker. That makes them feel more luxurious and act more durable. Pay close attention to construction and fabric so you get the best bang for your buck.

One other consideration, the cut. You want to like how the jeans look on your body. Don’t pay one bit of attention to size, since today the sizing is depending on brand. Only pay attention to how they’re made, the material, and how they fit.

In addition, try to stick with the real colors of denim which are black, indigo, faded and white. The other colors aren’t really denim. And with any jeans, darker always looks more fashionable.


Cheap shoes are everywhere. They are poorly made, bad for your feet and back, and not comfortable to walk in. What’s the point of having a cute pair of shoes if you can’t walk in them, no matter how cheap they are?

Spend the extra money on good, solidly-made shoes that are made from natural fibers that will last if you care for them. A good pump (pointy or rounded) or slingbacks never goes out of style.

It’s true that clothing isn’t an investment compared to putting money in the bank and earning money back. But if you think of your clothing as an investment that will last you for at least a decade, it becomes clear that spending money on the important non-trendy parts of your wardrobe does save money.

Remember the saying…saving money is almost as good as earning money.


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