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Summer isn’t officially over yet but the summer budget makeover is drawing to a close on Saturday.

If you remember back in late May I set a challenge to myself (and to you too), to monitor and track your spending over the next three months.

I’ve figured out that if I’m saving toward a specific goal I do much better than if I tell myself to just put aside money for savings. I also found out that when I do spend money, 90% of the time it’s on something I think will make me money somewhere down the road. Not a bad thing but now I have to see if I’m right and it does actually pay off.

Did you take the challenge and if so, what did you discover? Leave a comment and share it with the BSG community.

It’s a holiday weekend coming up for lots of people, back to school, soon it will be fall and then the holidays and another new year. I’m planning out content for this site and I’d love your help.

What do you most want to see, recipes, interviews with financial experts, reviews, ideas for side hustles, tips and hints? There will be something of each one of those but I’d love to hear what you’d like (or need), to see more of in the fall and beyond.

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Happy savings and have a fun Labor Day weekend.

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