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How to Ask for a Discount-Part Two



Last week’s post focused on when to get discounted goods and services, this one is all about how to ask for a discount. Here are some easy to follow tips to get you started-

Ask – It all starts with simply asking. “What is your best price on this fridge?”

Be Courteous – Smile, look assistants in the eye, treat them with respect and be polite and friendly. If you’re rude and pushy, they’re just going to say no. So it pays to be nice. Remember the saying about flattery will get your everywhere…and let’s add everything to that too.

Find the Person in Charge – There is no point trying to haggle with someone who has no power to authorize the discount. If you find out the sales person cannot give you a deal, ask for the manager.

Most managers have the power to reduce something by at least 15%.

Know When to Do It – There are certain times to buy different items in order to get the best savings. Usually, you want to buy off season or last year’s items to get the good deals. However, you can also buy brand new items the last day of the month and get substantial discounts.

Pay Cash – When you pay cash for anything, you’re already in a very good position to get a good deal since retail stores pay up to 8 percent for your transaction to the credit card companies. Plus, it’s often less paperwork if you pay cash.

Use Your Points – Many of us have credit cards with points, and we aren’t even aware of that fact because we don’t look closely at our bills – especially if we get online digital bills. Look at your bill and check out your accounts for points you didn’t know about.

If you want to get discounts for things you buy every year, most of the time you simply have to shop at the right time and ask.

Be prepared by do your research about the item so you’re well educated before asking for the discount.

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