Do’s and Don’ts of Smart Shopping-Part One


Smart shopping takes planning, product knowledge, and patience. You can find everything you want for a good deal if you’re willing to save money and pay cash, take the time to do your research, and don’t get  sidetracked by sales.

Read Reviews – No matter what you want to buy, someplace there are reviews and most are now online. If you don’t have a computer then head to the library.

Avoid Impulse Buys – No matter what you do, it’s best to avoid impulse buys. If it’s not on your list as an item you need and you’ve thought about how to use, then don’t buy it.

It’s hard not to buy stuff you didn’t plan to buy but if you try to avoid even looking when you’re not shopping for that specific item, you’ll be glad you did.

Make a List – Keep a running list of the items that you need and want. The list should include brands that you have researched and known are the best. If you see items on sale at a price you’ve determined is good (assuming you’ve saved the cash for it), you can buy it.

Set a Budget – For each item that you plan to purchase, set a budget. Base the budget on what you can afford and how long the item is going to last. Finally, make sure it’s less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Use Cash – Studies show that people spend about 50 percent more when they’re using plastic, whether it’s a credit card or a debit card.

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